Monday, May 30, 2011


Hancock fabrics is the only traditional fabric store in my area.  They had a great pattern sale today, $0.99 McCalls and Butterick, and $3.99 Vogue.  Of course I stocked up, and picked up some Kwik Sew patterns and also some fabric.

I am searching for an old-fashioned summer housecoat pattern to make for Lena, an 80-something wonderful lady who is the mother of my Comara (very good friend) Anna.  My search has not been fruitful, so I may have to improvise.  I have two beautiful fabrics for her housecoats.  One is a coral plaid seersucker, and the other is bright, tropical colored stripes, with a complementary floral for accents, such as pockets and collar.  I can't wait to make them, just need that pattern.

No big plans for Memorial day, since DD is in the middle of finals.  She has her last two finals Tuesday and Wednesday, then she is free.  Free for a little while, anyway.  She is taking a summer course so that she can double up on science courses in the fall, so for 6 weeks this summer she will go to school daily.

Meantime, I am looking for a last minute vacation for us to take as a family.  It's been awhile since we had one of those.

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