Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's a Hot Curtain Day

The more stressful life gets, the more I like to sew. I get very absorbed in my projects, and forget about the worries.  Which is exactly how I spent my morning. 

Anna is a sweet 5 year old girl who is the daughter of my friend Theresa. I started on her curtains and valance today. Specifically, I measured and cut out the fabric for her purple sheers, then designed and cut out all 3 layers of fabric for the valance. The 3 layers include the decorative face fabric, interlining, and the decorative lining fabric. Since the fabric is expensive, I want there to be a bit of flexibility in the design. The decorative lining is suitable for an older girl's decor, while the face fabric has a younger feel. 

I am contemplating whether I will make it fully reversible, or construct it so that I can reverse it with a little effort down the road. I want to put it on a board rather than a rod, but I may just compromise and use a rod to make it fully reversible. 

Top pic is the pinnable worktable I constructed in my garage for projects like this. I completely love this, and will devote a post to this soon. I sweated bullets while working out there today, with a feels like temp of 106*F. Ugh. 

The valance pattern I drew is on the table. 

2nd pic:  decorative lining. 

3rd pic:  The fabric lineup for Anna's room.  Some will be pillows and other stuff.  

I'm so excited to get sewing, but for now I am off to take my FIL to a doctor's appointment. 

More later. :)


p.s.:  The colors are nicer than they appear in this phone photo.  I am so looking forward to getting the tripod I ordered, and getting my Canon back from the shop.  

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