Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pictures of past projects.

Tap pants and cami with shelf bra.  Same fabric, different patterns.  Cami is a Kwik Sew, tap pants I can't remember and have to look it up later.  Love the tap pants, but didn't do an FBA on the cami, so I took the straps up a bit and DD inherited it.  Great fluid knit - maybe from

A valance (board mounted, waiting to be hung), matching pillow with grosgrain flower for DD's room.  Love that fabric.  I made her shower curtain and valance with this fabric, but need to get pics.  See below for pictures of those pieces.

A Cape that I made and reviewed on Pattern Review.  These pics are right before I did an alteration to narrow the shoulders.  I like the welt over the pocket and hand opening.  The buttons & snaps hadn't been put on yet, either.

White dupioni silk dress with organza bodice overlay and organza ties.  Made for DD's graduation from 8th grade last year.  I wish I had a pic of the back, also.  The ties flowing down the back are so graceful and pretty.

Ignore ladder to left.  

These three pics are of the shower curtain and valance I made for DD's bathroom.  It is a small BR with a high ceiling, so it is challenging to get a good picture.  Both are lined and interlined, and the curtain is 10' high, floor to ceiling.  I mounted the valance on a board, directly into ceiling with L brackets, and the curtain is hanging from a ceiling mount, hospital curtain style traverse fixture with hooks and a guide rod.

(Picture removed.)

Here DD is wearing a sweater that once was mine.  She needed a little something to cover her shoulders for her Confirmation at church, so I took a beaded sweater of mine, cut it up the center, and hand sewed a little hem to make it a cardigan style rather than a pullover.  She is with her Comara, or Godmother in this picture.

This is a little purse type thing that I made with scraps and Timtex to send pictures to DD's Godmother and her parents up north.  They are in their 80's and can't travel, so I wanted them to have a keepsake of DD's Confirmation.  I have an apron I made from this fabric, but no picture.  I'll have to take one.

This is an apron that I made out of "Breast Cancer" fabric for a friend's daughter to match the one I made  for her mom.  I didn't use a pattern, I just had a vision in my head when I woke up one day.  I love how it turned out.

(Picture removed.)
This is an old picture of me in a dress I made, with Mom (she passed away 11/09) in the middle, and my dear friend and DD's Godmother - Comara Anna.  We are standing in front of curtains I made for our little house up in PA.  We sold the house after Mom died.  We spent our summers up there.  I love this picture.

Same house in PA.  Mom lived in that house the last year and a half or so of her time with us.  I made this shower curtain for her with some matching towels.  I was in the midst of painting the BR and fixing the windowsill, and recaulking.  The house was built in 1940, I guess it was before showers??  Anyhow, this is the only pic I have of it, pulled back out of the way.

Two more shots of the PA house curtains, with my Mom teaching my DD and nephew how to make homemade pasta.  Priceless.


Time to get ready for Girl's night out - my DD, two of her GF's, and all three moms.  We are going to a very cool, folksy restaurant I've been wanting to try.  

Just a note before I go get dressed.  I am sooo proud of my daughter.   I got a call from school this am, to tell me that she is receiving an award tomorrow night at the honor ceremony.  I can't say for what in case she reads this - it's a secret.  Shhh...  ;)))  Definitely pics tomorrow pm.


  1. Always glad to meet another sewist. Your work is fantastic. Welcome to the blogworld.

  2. Thanks, Janlynn! So nice to meet you also. I enjoyed taking a peek at your blog. I'm feeling the urge to make some PJ's after reading your last couple posts. I like the technique you used on constructing the pants.


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