Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Placemat Pillow

Blogger has been cantankerous for me the last 24 hours, and hasn't let me post. I'm keeping my fingers crossed this works.

It's been a dry week for sewing, however, I made some quick pillows. The picture above, which I fooled around with on some new iPad App, is a placemat come pillow. It began it's life as a placemat at Pier One, and I picked it up on sale for a couple of bucks a while back, only because I love the color. This week it got folded in half, stitched & stuffed, and now occupies a spot on our bed. It's really quite comfy, great for under the neck while reading.

I also made a pillow in the same size and shape for Anna with scraps from her valance, which I'll post soon, when I complete her room ensemble. I'm so excited about that project - I happened to be at the big home dec fabric store this past weekend and the main fabric for Anna's room was 75% off. Well I just scooped me up another bunch of that fabric. I'm cooking up ideas of how to use it. If I don't use it all for Anna, I have 3 little nieces.....

Last night while watching that talent show on TV with my daughter, I was playing around with this:
This is labeled "Poppy, by Alice Kennedy for Timeless Treasures Fabric. I cannot remember where I purchased this, definitely online, though.

I just love this fabric and was thinking of making an iPad case, and lining it with the black, silky pant leg of some pj pants in the 'recycle' pile. I was also thinking of making pj pants or a night shirt for myself. DD asked me to make a dress from this, with 'Poppy' as the skirt, and a black knit top. I have just the pattern, which I am too lazy to go pull out right now, but that should be on the near horizon. I think it would be great for a bag, also.

This week we are fairly wrapped up in helping some older family members sort through some issues, so the sewing studio is a little lonely. I did fold some laundry in there this week, just because the studio is a happy place. I also changed out the bedding on the twin bed in there to all white, which looks great against the deep turquoise walls. I want to make some red and orange pillows for the bed, so I will be forced once again to fabric shop. Oh well, a woman's work is never done. Cough, cough. ;)

I'm off to read my new purchase, Fit For Rel People, by Pati Palmer. I've heard great things about it from PR members and other bloggers, and I have high hopes it will help in my quest to properly fit myself, especially in the bust.

If you have read this far, I truly hope that your week is going wonderfully for you.


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