Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday Sewing Projects

It was a most relaxing Saturday, during which I got some sewing projects finished, or very close to finished.  I never got out of my PJ's except for try ons/fitting/pictures.

An introduction first.  Below is Crystal, our 8 year young Goldie.  She is a real sweetie, such a good girl.  She likes to hang out in the sewing room when I am in here.

On to today's projects:
First is the top [KWIK SEW 3152] I made the other day using an FBA - my very first.  I did some tweaking on that today.

First, I put a twill tape hanging loop/tag thingy on the inside back to make it easy to quickly identify front vs. back of the top.  Second, I added a small piece of elastic to the mid back, just to make a slight gather. I made this top to throw on over my bathing suit top with shorts or a skirt, but I think it looks good enough to wear tooling around and running errands.

Next, the green skirt.  This is a rescued UFO that I completely took apart and redid.  I made this skirt exactly 1 year ago, not using a pattern - just my measurements.  The goal was a simple A-line, which is how it turned out when I first made it, but it was too A-lined, so I never wore it.  The fabric is linen that must have a bit of lycra, because it has just the perfect amount of stretch.  I cannot remember where I bought it from for certain, but I may have purchased it from a local boutique fabric shop.  It was simply too nice to let it continue to languish in the UFO pile.

So today I picked out all the seams, removed the zipper and hem.  I recut the lines of the skirt, and added a lining using some generic white lining fabric from the stash that I think is from Hancock's.  I put in a new zipper, which gave me major agita.  I think I redid it 2 or 3 times - and I basted it first.  Bad zipper day for some strange reason - planetary misalignment??  

I just realized I didn't take pics of the inside.  I used double fold bias tape in white to finish the zipper SA's, and the other seams are serged.  I also finished the waist using the DF bias tape as well - a quick and easy application.  Being so busty, I rarely tuck my shirts in, so the easy way is fine.  

The picture shows pins in the hem - I like to use lace hem tape and hand sew my hems, and I am out of hem tape, so I will finish that tomorrow, and put a hook and eye above the zipper.

The purple skirt below is a Hot Patterns free download pattern from, that I made earlier in the week.  The lilac linen is a light, almost hanky weight fabric that I picked up at Hancock's a few weeks back.  I still need to post a review on Pattern Review, but for the down and dirty review - it is a very, very simple quickie project that would be great for a beginner, or to satisfy the itch to complete a project in a short amount of time.

The FBA top has a little purple in it, so it works with the purple skirt and the green skirt.  Bonus!

Now for the try on pics.  I didn't model the green skirt, just the purple.  My only complaint with the top, and the reason I rated it 8.5 in an earlier post, is that I made the armband elastic a tad too snug.  That, in turn, as you can see in the last picture, creates a little 'poof' in the upper outer section of of the bust area.  Since I serged the elastic on rather than make a casing as the pattern instructions indicate, I didn't feel like redoing the armbands.  

I think it works both with and without the belt.

The purple skirt is unlined and will definitely need a slip.  

Thanks, Lauren, for letting me borrow your mirror and closet area.  <3

All in all, I am very happy with the skirts and top.  I am particularly happy because I stepped out of my comfort zone of black, browns, white, and cream.  This year I vowed to shake it up a bit color wise.  So, there you have it.

And to finish off the sewing day, I did a simple alteration on one of my DD's RTW tops.  She inherited the busty magoo genes, so has trouble with RTW like I do.  She had this cute striped top that had a shelf bra in it.  The top fits great, but the shelf bra band landed mid-bust.  I cut it out, then used my Singer Featherweight to sew two rows of stitching to hold down the little bit of 'facing' left behind.  I just <3 the  straight stitch the FW makes - always a nice looking stitch, and it is an enjoyable, quiet machine to boot.

I am so glad that I got some productive sewing time in today.  Tomorrow I have church music to transpose, and laundry and bills that are nagging at me.  Monday we are traveling to Cleveland and back all in the same day.  This week coming I also have some stuff to get done for my FIL's office - I have been helping him with things at the office for the last 9 months or so.  Then on Wednesday, we are headed to the beach for a few days.  I am so looking forward to it, even though there will be no sewing going on.  The R & R and family time is much needed by all of us.

In closing, some of Lauren's artwork.  She is enjoying her downtime now that school is over.  
Lauren created these on her computer.



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  1. Congratulations on your new blog! Love all your sewing projects in this post...cute outfit. Love you doggie too. We have an 11 year yellow lab. Both are great breeds.
    Good luck,


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