Thursday, June 9, 2011


Stingray Shuffle Staycation

We drove one whole hour (maybe less) to arrive at our staycation destination Wednesday morning. We are so close to some of the most beautiful beaches in the US. I've got to admit, it's pretty sweet. Even though I'm quite fair and freckly, I love the sun. I pile on loads of zinc oxide, wear my hat and shades, and stay near the umbrella with my book. I'm reading "Devil in the White City". So far it's good, an historical fiction, which I always enjoy.
First thing this morning, we had a beautiful breakfast at the pristine buffet spread. Lots of fresh fruit and other goodies. I think we were the first ones there. We went right out to the beach and staked out our umbrella and chaise lounges, then went for a walk, er, shuffle, that is, on the still deserted beach. Absolute paradise, until... my girl got stung by a stingray, despite the shuffle. We knew immediately what it was, there is just nothing like that pain. The fellow working the beach area at the resort this morning is a fireman for his full time gig - he was the best. He knew just what to do, and got DD a bucket of hot water to soak her foot in. The hot water draws the toxin out. Lauren was a real trooper, though, and after an hour's soak and a bandaid, she and her daddy went for another walk and a swim in the crystal clear waters of the gulf. That's my girl! :D
I managed to hold down the fort at the chaise lounge area, with a virgin daiquiri and my book.
Below is Steve the fireman/resort employee who helped us, and Lauren, smiling despite the sting. She said she feels bad for the stingray....

It really is a beautiful day in paradise!


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