Thursday, June 16, 2011

Valance Progress, FBA Take 2: Mezza-mezza

After cutting out the fabric for Anna's valance yesterday, I just couldn't wait to put it together.

Here it is, in progress.

Keep in mind that is is flat on the floor, but when hung will have 3" returns on either side.  I decided to make it fully reversible, with the other side less frou-frou.  It will hang on a 3" wide continental rod.  The sheer gathered fabric is just lying on top - I am playing with the design still.  It is leftover fabric from the sheers that will go under the valance.  I have covered buttons and tassels to play with, and I may make a fabric flower in a coordinating fabric to see if I like that.  There is plenty of fabric left for pillows, which I love making.  I am thinking a bolster and a couple throw pillows for Anna's bed, and a couple floor pillows.

Next up:  FBA, take 2.

This is the second iteration of my Kwik Sew 3338 'Large FBA', before sleeves and neck binding.  See that gaping fabric mid-armsyce?

FBA KS 3338 Take 2
Here is the pattern piece.  I added in 4.25" at the bust point.  I cut a size M, because that is where the shoulders and upper chest fit.  Of course, it added a couple inches to the torso below the bust, and I kept that this time - I don't need stretch knit pulled tight against my middle aged belly.

I've found lots of great resources on FBA's, but none that specifically talk about how to do it when your FBA is hughnormous.  Is there a book for extreme FBA's??  I may need professional help....

I did put the neck binding and sleeves on, but didn't do any hemming yet - it may be a PJ shirt anyway.   I'll get some pics tomorrow.  I tossed it in the dryer and forgot about it when I got involved with the valance.

And a parting shot:  Crystal watching me trying to take a picture of myself in the bathroom mirror.  She's a sweet girl, our Crystal.
Crystal wondering if it's safe to come in...

Until tomorrow ~


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