Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Closet Organization, Purse Storage, and a Recycling Tidbit

Hello friends, I hope you can bear another organization blog post.  Organization and the act of organizing makes me happy.  "A place for everything and everything in it's place."  It is truly how I like it.  I understand that not everyone does, and that's ok, this is just what works for me.  This way, I don't waste time looking for things, especially when I need to get out the door.

Every once in a while, I spend a little while sprucing up the closets, because they do tend to get messy if you aren't on top of them.

I have a system.  First, all shirts in one area, organized by color, then pants/skirts/shorts/jackets follow suit.  Purses, well, I do have a bunch, so that I will show with pictures.  Shoes:  I like mine stored in plastic containers, with my everyday sneakers, flip-flops, slippers, slides, etc, on the slanted shoe shelves.  Boots I keep in boxes tucked away for the season.  Sweaters get stored on upper shelves for the warmer seasons, and brought down as needed.  Socks & undies:  I am a big fan of sock boxes and drawer dividers.

Pictures say it better.  This is a picture heavy post!

Let's start with the Mr.'s closet.

 Suit coats look better if kept hung on special suit hangers.  It helps to retain the shape in the shoulder, and the line of the garment.
Shirts should be taken out of plastic when picked up from the cleaners.
 Casual shirts are in a separate alcove.
Pants by color.  When I wash slacks, I hang them by the cuff end, but the Mr. takes the majority to the cleaners.  They use these hangers.
Skivvies kept organized using a drawer divider.  Looks like some of his whites were in the wash.
 Undershirts also kept divided.  V-necks on one side, crew-necks on the other side of the drawer divider.  The Mr. and daughter like to use a flip-fold, and they really are cool.

Blurry shot of bottom drawer with PJ pants and boxers.
 Upper cabinet with t-shirts on bottom shelf, then shorts in the middle, 'dressy' t-shirts and sweatshirts on the next shelf.  Sweaters are tucked away on the very top, not shown.
Here is a change baskets and a travel alarm clock on the bottom.  The basket is great for collecting the paraphernalia  that comes out of the Mr.'s pockets.  The middle shelf is a collection of figurines.  They are for some game he never has time to play.
The next shelf is collared golf shirts that I normally hang, but I was out of hangars then.  Speaking of hangars, I like the slim, flocked type.  Of course, all the same color...
 Socks, with drawer dividers.
 Shoes.  I have sachets I put inside the shoes to help with odor, but that's another post for another day.  I also use charcoal packets in the shoe and dirty clothes area to help with odor.
Down at the end of this strangely shaped closet, the Mr. keeps a collection of books that he likes to have handy.

A little mirror for tying his tie, and a couple family pictures that he likes.  Below the shirts are dressier shorts.  It's dark and hard to see, but his tie collection has a temporary home here on the rod.  I have a project planned to build an alcove in his closet for belts and ties.

Onto my closet.  Not quite as many pictures here, because there are a couple things I want to focus on.  Purse storage, and dust covers.

 First, I wanted to have some purse storage bags like you get with some more pricey purses.  My less expensive purses didn't come with bags, and I like to keep them protected from dust.  I had this very shiny fabric that is not really so hot for apparel, but it is perfect for purse and shoe bags.  I made simple,  rectangular, drawstring bags.  The shoe bags are a little larger, and have a center line of stitching to make two compartments.
 I started with my clutches and smaller bags.

Some of my bigger purses are awaiting their new bags.  I like to stuff my bags with rolled up tissue paper or those plastic, air-filled shipping cushions.  It helps keep them upright.

 This is how I like to keep my dresses, jackets, and dressier separates - the items that I don't wear daily.  It's on my to-do list to make some pretty ones, and use these on the Mr.'s jackets.  These dust covers are a nice weight cotton duck with cotton trim.

And last but not least, the recycling/reusing bit.  You know when you shop at a nice store how they give you nice bags with ribbon or cord handles?  I remove the handles and reuse them.  Some I use for making fabric bags, the nice long ones I use to tie up folded sheet sets after they are laundered (they also get a tag with the size of the sheets), and the small ones I use for loops on clothing or other items I sew.  I PROMISE I'm not a hoarder, but I just can't bear to waste things that are useful.

That's it for today, folks.  Do me a favor, though - please? Don't tell the Mr. that I showed you his skivvies, ok?  {{{Thanks!}}}

Enjoy your evening,



  1. Andrea! You are an inspiration. You do have a large closet, but your techniques can be used almost anywhere. Thanks so much for sharing. Carol

  2. Thanks, Carol! I do have a roomy closet, and hubby's is a fair size. I figure it is my reward for having to share a closet with the Mr. For so many years.

    My plan is to make prettier jacket covers and use the plain ones in his closet. It's really surprising just how dusty closets get.

    I recently picked up some new shoe boxes from Ikea to try out, and I really like them. I'll do a post on those sometime soon.

    Thank you for your lovely comments!


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