Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Finished: The Memory Foam iPad Case, and Upcoming Sewing Ventures

This was a unique project for a friend that I blogged about here.

I made the case from a memory foam pillow, silky pj pants from my recycle bin, and raincoat fabric from the stash. My friend Valerie and her husband are going on a two week motorcycle trip, and she wants to bring her iPad along. The iPad will ride in a saddlebag, and Valerie wants it protected. She suggested memory foam, and of course that got my wheels turning. I already blogged about the construction earlier, so I won't go over that again.

The case needed some hand stitching for reinforcement, as well as a closure. I used plain black 1/4 in. elastic loops, attached to the back of the case with hand stitching. They slip over the top, one vertically, and one horizontally.

The nice thing about this project was all the hand stitching practice I got in.  I enjoy hand stitching, and like to see those neat little stitches on a project.

It's not pretty or sexy, but rather functional. Valerie is going to pick up some patches in her travels and I'll attach them next time I see her. Sort of like the stickers on old trunks or suitcases.  I think that will make it fun.  Now, if only I could put a memory foam force field around my friends while they are travelling, I'd sleep better.  They do wear all the best gear, and ride safely, but you know - I worry.

There hasn't been any major sewing around here as of late. We've come a long way in getting the folks situated, although we still have much work to do, helping them downsize, etc. But, I am feeling more relaxed and caught up with everything, so now it's back to sewing. :D.

In the meantime, my family and I have all been trying to eat healthy and exercise regularly.  I made so oh-so-garlicky homemade hummus and served it with lentil chips.  I found the lentil chips at Whole Foods, and love them.  They satisfy my potato chip salty/crunchy craving, without the guilt.  :D

This next picture is a hint of my next WIP.  It is not exactly sewing, but is sewing related.  I broke my hacksaw trying to cut these buggers, so went back to Orange and met a nice French guy (employee) who cut them all for me.  When I told him what I was up to with the PVC, he said,
"Oh, I see, couture sewing?"
Haha, I wish I was that good.  Heck, even with high school French classes (way) behind me, I couldn't even say 'couture' as well as the handy dandy Frenchman.  He was most gracious, and now I can complete my project.  Fingers crossed it works out.

As for future sewing, I haven't decided what my next 'me' project will be. There is a gorgeous piece of deep lichen green linen hanging in my stash closet calling to me to become either shorts or a skirt. I really need tops, though, and I'm still in the learning phase of the large FBA that I always need, but heretofore paid a dressmaker to do for me. I have a princess seamed top pattern sitting on my cutting table, and with any luck, that will become a muslin very soon.

Last night I was blog reading in bed, and while perusing  Myra's blog, Simple Inspirations, saw an older post that reminded of an amazing boutique fabric store just a stone's throw from us.  The designer who owns the shop, Marisu, made a gorgeous dress for my daughter in early 2010.  I was unable to sew for her at the time, and Marisu really came through for us.  And of course, Lauren rocked the dress.  ;)  With that little reminder, it is on my agenda tomorrow to go get myself a little fabric love from Marisu.  The perfect thing to kick off my next 'me' project.

In my efforts to improve my FBA skills, I've been reading a couple of fit books, and will review those shortly. I am also signing up for a couple classes. One is an online bust alteration class on Pattern Review, and the other is a bra making course here locally in October, which I'm really excited about.  Even though I like to read the fit books, I am a very hands on learner.  I'm a see one, do one, teach one kind of gal.  I want not only to learn to make a great fitting bra, but I am wanting to make a sports bra as well.  Stay tuned this fall for bra making.

August will bring some back to school sewing for my daughter. She likes to wear skirts, and loves rayon challis, which is perfect for our weather, but the stuff I've been finding is lousy quality. Denimn is not allowed, and I can't pay her to wear khaki or twill. I need to fabric shop for her.  Maybe Marisu will have a little something.  You know, a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do. ;)

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