Sunday, July 31, 2011

Infinity Scarf

Karen of  Sew Many Ways is hosting "Make a Gift on the 25th". Participants Procrastinators agree to make a gift on the 25th of each month, then show n' tell on her blog. True to form, I was late to the party and made my gift on the 30th. :)

I used Karen's tutorial for my scarf.  It was a quick and easy project. I made mine longer and wider than Karen did, because my fabric was sheer and very lightweight. It turned out great.

Click the button below the post to see what everyone is making.  Next month I swear I'll try not to procrastinate!

In other sewing news, I am taking Sarah Veblen's Bust Fit course on Pattern Review.  I made up a muslin today of a bodice with princess seams.  Somewhere between the tissue fitting and the muslin sewing, the side front panels became too big.  I don't know how I did it, but I will investigate it in a couple of days when I get back to it.  I have some more pressing things that need my attention these next couple days.

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  1. The scarf looks lovely! I was thinking about signing up for that bust fit course, but just wasn't sure. I'd love to hear what you thought about it once you've completed it.

  2. Thank you, Robin. It was so easy, I will be making more.

    The class is great so far. I'll post about it once it is complete.

  3. That scarf is a great way to use a sheer fabric! I'm never sure what to do with those too sheer for to be unlined but thick enough I don't want to line them. Great idea!

  4. Hi, I too am one of the procratinators. I love your version of the scarf. It really does work up well in the shear fabric. Can I ask what your measurements were? Does it double wrap around your neck?

    Thanks, Selina

  5. Welcome, Selina, fellow procrastinator, and thank you. ;). I used the entire width of the fabric, (45"), folded and stitched up the selvedge, and approximately 60 inches lengthwise. I like the length. It goes twice around my neck without being tight or claustrophobic feeling. Recently I picked up a RTW infinity scarf because I loved the color combo, but I just don't wear it because it feels a bit constricting. My daughter took pictures of me wearing it this afternoon, which I will post tomorrow, after I sort out some technical difficulty.


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