Thursday, July 28, 2011

Injured Reserve, A Cooking Edification Plan, and a Sewing Book Review.

It's been an event filled week here, with a paucity of sewing, unfortunately. I'm thinking about sewing, though!

Yesterday I began a Bust Alteration Class on Pattern Review. It is being taught by Sarah Veblen, and has been great so far. Lots of good information, and Sarah is great at answering questions. I have decided to put my wrap dress on hold and work on a shoulder princess seamed top. Sarah suggested that would be the best fit for me with my particular challenges. So I've picked a couple out and will post on that soon.

One of the events keeping me out of the studio is this:

My assistant is most unhappy about this development, as it means she does not get to make her usual morning neighborhood rounds. Oh well, this too shall pass.

I wanted to share a project that my girlfriends and I are working on for one of our friends. We have a dear friend, Denise. She is a wonderful person as is her husband. I've known them for years, as her husband and I went to school together. Denise and I and several of the women involved in this project all sit on a development committee for a charitable organization, so we get to see each other often. We know each other's families, our kids have gone to school together - some still do - and we all look out for each other in different ways. Denise and the other ladies brought food to my family and checked in with my daughter and her teachers when I was away taking care of my mother in her last weeks of life. We are all like sisters to each other.  We are each other's chosen sisters.

Anyhow, back to Denise. She cannot cook, beyond making toast. Her hubby has crazy work hours, and can't always be there to cook, so they eat out a lot. She truly wants to learn, so we have accepted the challenge with pleasure. We had her make a list of dishes her family loves, and we will begin with those.

So here is the plan. We will get together periodically, cook a meal together to show her how it is done, and giver her all the recipes. We will make enough to have the girls over, and enough for her to take home to her family. I'm really looking forward to our first Cooking with Denise Girl's Night. Someone will bring the wine, and we will all clean up together.

The next part of the plan began today. I will be periodically making cooking videos for Denise, mostly with easy dishes and crock pot dishes. She specifically requested crock pot ideas because once school begins, life goes one hundred miles an hour, and she is away all day some days. Denise does not know that I'm doing the videos - that's a surprise. Today my daughter and I made a video of us making Chili. It seems strange making Chili when it's anything but outside, but since the knee is on the fritz, I'm hanging out in a well air-conditioned house. Lauren makes a mean beef stew, so I will have her tape that one.

Part three of the project will take a little longer. All the girls are collecting their family's favorite recipes, complete with notes for Denise. We are putting them all together in a recipe book for her, and we will each also get a copy. This is a surprise for Denise, and we hope to have it done for Christmas.

Part four: Organizing Denise and Bobby's kitchen. This falls under my purview, and I can't wait. I love to organize, and love to shop. Denise sent me pics of her kitchen tools, pots, pans, etc. We have some serious shopping to do. I see a post on kitchen organization in my future!

Now for a book review:

While I have been laying low this week, I've read another sewing book. I picked up a used book from Amazon, POWER SEWING STEP BY STEP, by Sandra Betinza. I really enjoyed this picture heavy book with well written explanations of techniques. Some techniques were new to me, some weren't, and some I've done, not knowing they were 'official' techniques. It is a book that I plan to keep on my studio bookshelf for reference. There are some techniques that I may not do often and want a refresher before I dive in. Unfortunately, the book had some missing pages, so I will be returning it for a refund. In the meantime, I ordered a new one from Tauton. My only criticism of this book is that some of the clothing styles in the book are outdated. This is not a deal breaker, though, the book is well worth having on the bookshelf.

It's time to go eat that Chili!

Until next time,



  1. Everyone should be so lucky and have a "sister" like you.

  2. Hobbit, I am fortunate to have many amazing women in my life. :)


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