Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Little 4th Sewing

This weekend I finished Anna's Valance save for a little embellishment yet to be done. I'll reveal that all when the room is done. I've been pecking away at it, but we still have a bunch of life stuff getting in the way. It's very time intensive, and exhausting, and I find myself getting behind on everything. Seriously, everything. My hubby resorted to doing laundry today. He never complains when things get behind, he just helps out. And he works a ton.

This stuff with family involves his folks, and it's all hands on deck lately. It is a complex set of circumstances. I know I am digressing into personal stuff, but I guess I'm feeling mushy tonight. When my Mom was very ill in her last days, my husband did things for her that most sons don't do for their own mothers. It reminded me all over again why I married him. He truly is a kind soul. Anyhow, this too shall pass, as my Mom used to say. We will all feel better when we get the folks settled and feeling better.

Sewing? Oh, yeah, sewing. Well, I had some scraps of Timtex from another project that I've been playing with, so I pulled out my scrap basket and made some coasters. I just pieced together some strips, folded in half, and sewed three sides, measured to the sizes of my little Timtex scraps. Then I inserted the Timtex pieces, folded in the raw edge, and top stitched all the way around.

I needed coasters for my sewing room, and these fit the bill perfectly.

So, there you have it. A little sewing. Very little! ;)

This weekend I also did a bunch of reading. I read most of Fit For Real People, watched Marcy Tilton videos on You Tube, and read lots of pattern reviews, the paper, etc. I love the Fit book, and I'll have to do a review soon. I also posted several reviews on Pattern Review of past projects that I'd been meaning to review. I'm glad to have that done - now I can put those patterns away. I've had them out to motivate me to write reviews.

Whatever you did this weekend, I hope it was wonderful, safe, and you spent it with your loved ones.

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  1. A little sewing is better than no sewing. Family matters are always more important.

  2. Indeed, Janlynn. I am fortunate to have my little studio, where I can come sew/create/relax!


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