Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back in the Swing & the Packages Are Arriving

I am feeling human again, and I want to sew.  Today was filled with catching up/errands/and the dentist.
Tomorrow morning I have a meeting, then I have to deal with this:

No idea who the guy is...

The yellow house behind the unknown man is a rental house of ours, and the tree sits on the edge of our property.  It was hit by lightning, which tore up two prominent limbs and shot some bark off the trunk.  Luckily, no one was injured.  The lightning blew out some small appliances in the house, but nothing major like the new A/C unit we just had installed.  Whew!

I need to get the city tree inspector out to assess the tree and tell us if we can/should cut it down.  In our area, it takes a special dispensation to cut down most trees, including this type of Oak.   And funny thing, I just found out that the arborist we've used for years is visiting prison for the next ten years or so.  Time to find a new one.

Ok, enough about 'crap that interferes with sewing', and onto some stuff about sewing.  The stuff I ordered during my shopping spree while ill is arriving.  Here is the pattern lineup.

I've never sewn Hot Patterns - the envelopes are huge!  I like the curvy trouser style, and hope I can get a good fit on my curvy bod.  The dress has a sort of shoulder princess top, and I think I'd like this belted.  I have yet to choose fabrics for these.

I just noticed these are backwards, oh well.  The McCall's shoulder princess dress in the center is what I had planned to make next.  I saw some great versions made up by PR members here,  here, and shortened to a jacket here.  But as luck would have it, the envelope contained instructions only.  Yep, no pattern.  This is the only one I bought locally, from Hancock's, and did not save the receipt.  :(  
For the JS Tee, I have some cheap poly blend 'Ponte' that I picked up on sale at Hancock's that I will use for my muslin on this.  I think I have a nice shirting somewhere in stash for the princess shirt on the right. 


The shirt and the dress on the right are both shoulder princess seamed as well, and the dress in the middle has princess lines up the back, with an empire seam & vertical darts, and cup sizing to a D.  (At least it gets me closer...)

Are you sensing a theme here?  It is going to be the fall and winter of the shoulder princess tops and dresses.  I have found it to be the best way to fit my large cup sized bust.  It has been at least a year or more since I made myself a pair of pants, so I am looking forward to the trouser also.

I'm anxious to sew, but have a few commitments this week besides the tree, then company coming to stay this weekend.  I may just be looking at next week before any real sewing happens.

Here are a couple of my other new purchases:

Kai Bent Handled Scissors

Both of my other irons - I keep one in the laundry room and one in the sewing studio - leak like a sieve, despite the $$ I spent.  One is a Rowenta, and I was sorely disappointed.  I have seen great reviews of this iron, so I'm hoping I love this one and it keeps on loving me.

The rest of the too much money I spent was on clothes for DD, for school.  A necessary thing.

Although I have lots of fabrics picked out on several websites, I never hit the BUY button.  I know, chicken.  But really, I couldn't talk myself into it yet.  I've got to dig through the stash to see what I can use first.  Maybe.  Cenetta made up a great mesh top, and I was really thinking either mesh with an underlining or stretch lace with an underlining for the JS Tee.  Take a look at this one on the Gorgeous Fabric's blog.  But since there is no mesh in the stash, nor enough stretch lace, I'll just have to go hit that BUY button, right?

Happy sewing ~


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good News, Bad News

I guess I start with the bad news, so I can end on a positive note.

There has been a marked lack of sewing and blogging in the last week.  I've been 'under the weather', and have not been able to muster up much sewing.  Today my DH made me his famous 'egg soup': chicken broth with eggs whipped and stirred into the boiling broth, with some 'special' seasoning.  Curative, it is, I tell you.  After I had the egg soup, I got up and made a pillow for my sewing room bed, and a few fabric pouches for my "Make a Gift on the 25th" commitment (see button on sidebar).  Then I reclined on the pillow I had made while unpicking a waistband on a skirt for DD that needs a waistband redo.   

What's the good news?

Well, one sewing related thing I've been able to do while infirm is shop online.  How did we ever live without the internet?  I purchased several patterns, including the J. Sterns "Tee" pattern, a dress with a princess bodice and trousers from Hot Patterns, and a few big 4 - the latter consist of various princess seamed tops, both knit and woven, as well as a dress.  I bought a couple of fitting DVD's from PR, which will give me something to do if this silly business goes on much longer.

I've also had plenty of time to catch up on my reading, from magazines, books, to blogs.  The new Threads came, and had a great article on a skirt lining method that makes it easier to alter the skirt waistband size if need be.  I liked the method even if I don't need to alter the size of a skirt.  I plan to use it on a skirt that I recently made but removed the yoke - a post for another day.  The new Burda came also.  It didn't do anything for me, though.

Oh, and I signed up for Pinterest today.  I have to spend some time playing with it and learning how to best use it, but in just a few moments today, I could tell that it is potentially addictive. 

In other good news, all my friends that were in Irene's path are fine, and most have power back, thank God.

Hopefully the week ahead will be a better one, and involve some sewing.

Until then, be well!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Still Here, and What I Learned This Week.

I have not fallen off the face of the earth, promise.  It has been a busy week, with school starting and such.  I last posted about the FNSI at Handmade by Heidi, and had my sewing plans all lined up.  However, we were pleasantly surprised by an out of town visitor, namely, my hubby's brother.  We had a great visit, and loved that he popped in for a quick visit.

Instead of the FNSI happening in my studio, the Saturday Morning Sew In happened, nice and early while the crickets were still chirping, and the dog assistant was wondering why I had risen so early to play.  I have yet to take pics, as my model has been uncooperative, and some the results have been worn and are in the laundry.  I will post pics soon.  I ended up sewing a no-pattern apron and a couple no pattern skirts for DD.  She likes to wear skirts to school in this blasted heat and humidity.

For one of the skirts, she was not crazy about the feel of the fabric against her skin, (a beautiful, nice weight, fluid rayon), so I took it apart and underlined it with Bemberg Ambiance rayon lining.  It made for a lovely skirt that way, and feels so good next to the skin.  It has been a very long time since I underlined anything, but I may be addicted.  I made a second skirt with cheap rayon from Hancock which is a bit see-through, and used the same fabric to underline it. It worked fabulously.  For that one, I made a 'paper-bag' style waist.

I learned something while making these skirts for my daughter.  She is 5'2", fairly short-waisted, and curvy with a muscular high hip.  She's got a bedonkedonk and chest like her mama.  She also has a sway back, with a forward- tilted pelvis, causing her abdomen to protrude a little, just enough to completely throw off the hemline of her skirts.  I have observed that while wearing an empire style dress, the skirt part lays nicely, with an even hem.  However, with skirts, even RTW skirts, the hem is always lower in the front than the back by a noticeable amount.

To remedy this problem, I used to make the hem longer in the back, because I was used to hemming her uniform skirts and other RTW skirts this way.  Somewhere I read about a different method - perhaps in FFRP, possibly on another blog - can't remember where, but it worked well.  Basically, I tied a piece of elastic around her waist where the skirt is to be worn.  Then she put the skirt on, prior to any waistband application (I was using a simple elastic waistband), and put the skirt under the elastic.  I then pulled up the top of the skirt until the hemline was even all around.  There was an uneven amount of fabric ABOVE the elastic - much more in the front, on account of her tilted pelvis.  Eureka!  I then used chalk to mark a line at the bottom of the elastic.  Then I trimmed the top of the skirt above the mark, leaving an appropriate and even amount all around, and made the elastic casing.

The technique was so simple, and the skirt I made this was fits like a charm, with a nice, even hem.  I wish I had taken some pictures of this process.  If I find the source where I read this, I will post it here.

In non-sewing news, we also had our cooking lesson and Girl's Night In that I posted about here.  My friend Denise chose to learn to make Lasagna, so Lasagna we made - two pans of it.  The food was incredible, as was the company.  Hubby disappeared upstairs to the game room while we had an excellent evening full of laughter with a great meal.  Denise brought a very large pan of Lasagna home to have Sunday Dinner with her entire family - husband & kids, her parents, and her 98 year old grandmother.  Her grandmother was moved to tears that Denise had made a meal for the family after all these years of not venturing into the kitchen.  I would say that Lesson #1 was a big success, and we are already planning Lesson #2.

And with that, I will leave you with a couple of parting shots:
My beer glass-morning commute-coffee cup cozy.

Ready for action.

I am headed out to do a little shopping this morning, mostly for the house.

Enjoy your day,


Friday, August 19, 2011

It's Over. But Where Did It GO?

Today is our official last lazy day of summer.  Just like that, done.  I have no stinking idea where summer went.  Oh well, as the old saying goes, "All good things must come to an end."  Then there is "This too, shall pass."  I am sure there will be moments when we use the latter coming up in the next couple months.

Monday is the first day of 10th grade for my baby girl.  I am excited for her, yet at times go all weepy mommy (privately) when I stop to think how fast she has grown up.  Like right now.  Excuse me, brb.

Okay, I'm back.  I'm very proud of her - she has goals that she is able to articulate, and is very independent regarding school.  Yesterday was the day all the kids go in and pick up their finalized schedules and buy their books for the upcoming semester.  It's a great time for the kids to see their friends who may have been away all summer.  I remember last year this day was fraught with butterflies in the stomach and the anxiousness of what was new and as yet unknown.  Not any more - it's all old hat now.

I'm especially proud of how she has made a commitment to learn Chinese as her second language, and just flew with it, receiving the top scholar award for Chinese I this past school year.  She will begin Chinese II on Monday with her favorite teacher, and only a handful of kids in the class - just the kids who love it.

So, these last few days of summer break we've been getting ready for the shock of the schedule that lies in wait Monday morning.  I find the older I get, the longer it takes me to get on a new schedule, so I'm starting this weekend.  Just like a baby.  ;)

Lauren wanted her ears pierced (her old piercings closed up long ago) before school started.  

I have a great picture of Lauren and her daddy, but he made me swear no pictures of him will ever be on my blog, so you can't see it.  ;)  Her dad and I repierced her old holes with some hypodermic needles and a little pair of ruby earrings hubby gave me many years ago.  She wanted the little hoops (above), but I couldn't get the little buggers in.  It really was quite hysterical, especially because my husband was cracking us up.  It's so much easier to use the little studs pre-loaded in a piercing device, but I didn't have any, and a DD wanted it done before she lost her nerve.  

This afternoon we are going to get her learner's permit at the DMV (God help me - the D.M.V.), so now when she practices driving she can do it legally.  

I've signed up to participate in the Friday Night Sew In over at Handmade by Heidi.  This will be my first time participating!  I hope to make a skirt for DD, and possibly a couple aprons, one for a gift and one for my girl. Join in if you can - the more, the merrier, right?

Off to the DMV - wish me luck!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Retail Torture

It's been quite a while since I've been shopping at the malls.  School begins on Monday for my daughter in high-school.  On Fridays they are required to wear a dress uniform, which is quite nice.  The rest of the week they can wear their own clothes, as long as the shirts are collared and the skirts and shorts are to the knee.  (DD likes to translate that to mid-thigh, a source of contention at times around here.)  She actually prefers skirts over pants or shorts, with the exception of jeans.  Jeans are not allowed, however.  They can wear any shoe, even flip-flops, except on uniform days.  Not a bad dress policy - for the kids that is.  Torture for the parents.  Sheer torture I tell you.

We were a bit lax on preparing for back to school this summer.  It insidiously snuck up on us, so here we are in these last few days before the start of school, scrambling to buy some school appropriate clothes.
First stop:  Evos.  If one must shop retail, a full belly is a must.

Second stop:  Shoe store, where she found a cute pair of mid-calf cowboy boots.  Third stop:  Luggage store for a new backpack.  Five minutes later, we are feeling accomplished and productive.  A great shopping trip so far.

Fourth stop:  New York & Co.  to look for skirts and collared shirts.  First time in there for both of us.  We were both irritable after trying on just a couple items, and seriously, had to leave the store because THE MUSIC WAS SO FREAKIN' LOUD!  I liked the music.  It had a great beat.  I asked the young lady assisting us if it bothered her, to which she replied that it did, but it was company policy to keep it so loud.  Really?  We grabbed a couple things and went to check out, where I spoke with the manager.  I told her that we couldn't continue shopping there because the music made it too unpleasant and difficult to shop there, and that my daughter and I had to scream at each other to be heard in the dressing room.   She asked what I found so unpleasant about it.  Really?  Mind you, she was likely not yet the age of majority, and probably thought I was an old bat for complaining.  I told her simply, the volume.  She said 'Oh'.  Great response.  Then she tried to get me to sign up for emails to get coupons to come back and shop some more.  Really?  What part of 'too unpleasant and difficult to shop' there did she not get?  I'm not know for holding back or not telling like it is, so I'm pretty sure there were no shades of gray in my complaint.  When we left the store, my ears ached.  We will never shop there again, and no, I didn't sign up for their damn email list.  Oh well, call me old.  There are other places to shop.  But, I feel better for getting that off my chest.  ;)

DD just told me that one of the stores left an inking anti-theft device on one of the items we purchased.  Great, now we have to go back tomorrow.  I believe it was at a store where we got yelled at by a crazy customer with poor social skills.  More fun at the mall.  DD and I were chatting as we walked up to the checkout counter and got in line behind the woman who was being waited on.  Suddenly, some lady  screamed at us that she's next in line, carrying on and having a hissy fit!   We hadn't seen her because she was standing on the other side of the circular counter behind another register- a good fifteen feet away.  Whew, it's vicious out there.  I assured her that we had no intention of usurping her spot in line.  (I may have told her to relax, take a breath, no need to get all upset.)  She never did quit carrying on.  The checkout lady, who I've dealt with before, is a real sweetie.  I think the screaming crazy lady got her a bit frazzled, causing her to miss the tag.

My daughter is an outlier for her age, I think, in that she does not like to shop.  She loves to look good, loves to have nice clothes, just does not like the act of obtaining said clothes.  So there was some whinage involved, to which I do not respond well.  Like fingernails on a chalkboard.   Luckily it was limited.  Some of it was justified, I suppose, and I do understand.  She inherited my bust line.  Poor kid. Junior sized clothes are not made for the well endowed, and buying a dress is damn near impossible for her.  Good thing I can sew.

We capped of the excursion by picking up some really cute costume jewelry - the fun and easy part, no fit issues.  ;)

I think after a long day of retail therapy  torture, I deserve some quality sewing time.  See y'all later ~ I'm off to the studio!

Thanks for listening to my griping......


Monday, August 15, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

Jiggety Jig!  And oh, so glad to be here!

It was a busy six days with two very long travel days involved.  I will spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say that I am officially done with flying into or out of the Philly Airport, the hub for USAirways in those parts.  (I'll just say this - I could have flown to Madrid in the time it took to get to Erie, mm'kay?!)  My daughter and I travel to Cleveland (and skip over to Erie)  periodically ~ 2 to 4 times a year.  This trip we spent only a few hours in Cleveland, and the rest of the time in Erie to visit some friends and family.

The weather was absolutely glorious while we were there, and although our hotel room had a lake view, we never actually went to the beach.  Living near some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, we spent our time on other things.

*We spent a few short hours in Cleveland, not long enough to go fabric hunting, but we met one of my dearest friends for lunch at La Trattoria.  I had the best eggplant I've had in ages.  La Trattoria will be on our 'to do' list every time we go to Cleveland from now on, as will the bakery across the street, "Corbo's".    Monday is the Feast of The Assumption, so all the vendors in Little Italy were busy setting up for the Italian Festival.  We enjoyed the beautiful architecture of the area, and snapped a few cell-phone pics:

Biscotti and Butterballs from the bakery.

Little Italy Courtyard

This courtyard had a circular stairway up to a walkway with wrought iron railings.  

*We visited the cemetery and cleaned up, planted flowers, and mulched around the headstones of the graves of my sister, my grandparents, and a great-aunt & great-uncle.

*We visited several relatives that we didn't get to see on our last trip because of a terrible snow storm.  We basically ate our way through both cities.  We are Italian, it's what we do.  We had lunch with one of my favorite cousins, Debbie.  I just loved seeing her.  We made plans to visit the family mausoleum and clean it up on our next trip up there, as I didn't think to bring the keys this trip.  (Do we know how to have fun, or what?!)

*We had dinner with another cousin, Mary, and her mom, my aunt.  I helped Mary get set up on Skype so that we could all video chat along with another cousin who lives near Cleveland.  I took a picture of this picture while I was there:

Now do you believe I'm Italian?

     This is a shot of my grandmother and four of her sisters, at the funeral of another sister, many years ago.  My Gram is the second from the left (she was also cousin Mary's Gram, and her mom's and my mom's mom - got that?).  The little one next to Gram was my Aunt Annie, who was my cousin Debbie's (from lunch, above) grandmother.  The next one over, my Aunt Lizzie, is buried at one of the graves we spruced up.  The last one on the right, Frances,  was the last to go, just a couple years ago at the tender age of 91.  She was the youngest sibling out of 13 (as far as we can tell).  The first one on the left died when I was very young.

*We revelled in the divine weather up in Erie, and got in our exercise outdoors.  We took a two hour hike in one of our most favorite spots, part field, part wooded, complete with a creek, and searched for wild berries while we hiked.  They were not plentiful as they have been in prior years, but nonetheless, we had a great time and I was delighted that my daughter suggested it.

We picked a few wildflowers!

This hill is bigger than it looks.  The picture is blurry, probably because I was about half way up, totally out of breath.

*We had a lunchtime get-together with some  girlfriends from high school and their kids at one of their homes.  My daughter heard way too many stories!  It was so much fun, and therapeutic also.  We are all at that age where we have had or are currently having issues with aging parents.  And not surprisingly, all the girlfriends are Italian also.  In fact, I'm the only one whose family didn't speak the language at home. I forgot to take pictures that day, but just imagine several middle-aged Italian women, lots of food, and a bunch of kids swimming in the pool.  ;)  It was truly wonderful.

*We had lunch with my brother and his son, my nephew.  Said nephew came to dinner with us later at my daughter's Comara's (godmother) parent's house.  A meal at Comara's is always epic and most memorable.  I always eat more than I think is possible, and the food comes in many courses.  Their garden is amazing, and all the vegetables served at dinner came from the garden.  Comara and I grew up down the street from each other, and her family still lives in the old neighborhood.  They are beautiful people, and my daughter thinks of Comara's parents as her own grandparents.  They are aging, and time with them is always the highlight of our trip.

I have been searching for a pattern to make a light housecoat for Comara's mom, like this:

     I snagged one of her housecoats to make a copy from, and will mail it back with the new one.  It has proven difficult to find a pattern, but a knock-off should be easy.

We enjoyed the change in weather, driving around with the windows down, taking in the fresh air.  Florida in the summertime can be oppressive, and we have a tendency to hibernate.

I miss the summers we used to spend up north, until we sold our little house a couple of years ago.  Life just seemed to have a different pace up there in the summer - sitting around backyard bonfires, toasting marshmallows, catching lightning bugs, taking hikes in the cool shade of the woods, taking sunset walks on the beach, picking and enjoying a plethora of fresh garden produce all summer.  I miss my mom, the reason we spent our summers up there.

We so enjoyed our visit, but let me just say I am SO GLAD to be home again.  :)

This week will be busy with back to school sewing and shopping and generally getting back into the routine of things.  Summer is way too short, isn't it?

I promise there will be some sewing on this blog in the coming week, and even more once school begins again.  

Enjoy your week,


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fruit Pizza: A Quick & Easy Summer Dessert

All the summer fruit in the market right now is just fabulous. Of course, not too much is local for us right now, so we settle for fruit brought in from other areas. I even picked up some tangelos from Austrailia today!

My cart was loaded with fruit - sublimely sweet and ripe nectarines, bananas, strawberries, mango, and apples. The apples are organic from New Zealand. Fruit from all over!

My sweet tooth was nagging at me today, and I knew I wanted to do something for dessert after dinner that was easy and quick, mainly because I wanted to get back to my sewing project of the moment. I also wanted something not too crazy calorie wise.

While I was picking up yogurt, I noticed the refrigerated crescent rolls, of a brand I like called Immaculate. I immediately knew I'd make a fruit pizza, so I grabbed a package of neufchâtel cheese. (Ricotta cheese and cottage cheese can also be used if you've got it on hand.



1 pkg refrigerated crescent rolls, any brand will do
Variety of fruits, sliced. Avoid melons, they're too watery.
Approximately 6 ounces cream cheese or neufchâtel cheese (see above for substitutes)
Powdered sugar to taste. I used ~ 1/2 cup unsifted.
2 TSP pure vanilla extract
Milk, ~ 2 TBLSP or so.

You'll see in my picture that I made mine small and round. I formed it on parchment and baked it on my preheated round stone, parchment and all. Easy and less cleanup. If I were making this for company or to bring to a party, I'd use an aluminum pizza pan for better presentation. We really just threw ours together.

So you open your crescent rolls and lay them out all touching in the desired shape, be it rectangular or circular. Pat all the seams closed. Pop in the 350* preheated oven and bake until golden. When done, allow to cool to room temp.

While the crust is baking, slice your fruits. Put lemon juice on banana slices if you are using them. Set aside.

Mix all remaining ingredients with a mixer, adding milk slowly to make mixture easily spreadable.

Spread mixture on cooled crust, as you would a pizza. Arrange fruit on top as desired. This can be a gorgeous presentation with a variety of colorful fruits. I love using kiwi and a variety of berries. The nectarines were amazing on this tonight, just luscious.

This is a recipe that's been around for what seems like forever. I'm not sure of the source - perhaps one of the companies that manufacture crescent rolls?

Have you made a fruit pizza before? I had forgotten about this little delight until I saw the crescent rolls at he market today!

What is your favorite summer dessert? I think growing up in Pennsylvania, it was strawberry shortcake, as summer was berry season and we did lots of pickin' and puttin' up berries.

Fruit Pizza is definitely an old favorite!

Tomorrow I hope to have a completed sewing project to talk about - one with turtles. ;)

Until later,


I linked up to Karen's 'Sew Darn Crafty' Party at  SEW MANY WAYS.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Just a few quick things to talk about tonight.  

First up, I am revisiting the Infinity Scarf that I posted about here.  Selina, aka Tink's Mom, asked me about the measurements of my scarf.  I had mentioned that I made mine longer than Karen did in her tutorial that I followed.  My scarf used the full width - 45", just folded and sewn up the selvedge, and 60" in length.  I wanted it longer because I like to be able to wear it looser around my neck.  

I asked my daughter to take some pictures for me, and as soon as she got the camera out, my hubby called from out of town.  So I was talking while getting my picture taken.  In the top left photo, Lauren asked me to put the scarf on like I was riding in a convertible.  See how versatile it is?!  It makes me think I should make one out of warmer fabric for winter.  (Yes, it gets cold here for a few days...)

Next up,  please excuse the terrible photo quality in the next two pictures, but I want to show some pics of this skirt I made.  It's a no pattern quickie, and so comfortable.  I pulled some black linen from my stash, cut a rectangle large enough to go around my hips + approximately 6" for SA's and ease.  I sewed multiple lines of shirring using elastic thread in the bobbin, then sewed up a center back seam.  

It is extremely comfortable, can be dressed up or dressed down.  I wore it to dinner tonight with red sandals and a black and white top.  (Although by the time I remembered to take a picture, I had already changed.)

My Assistant is checking the hem.

The skirt falls just below the knee, which is comfortable for me.  However, since I have been exercising more consistently, I am more comfortable with skirts just at the knee, and am considering shortening the hem a bit.  In all honesty, I probably won't get around to it.  I will try to get better daytime pictures next time I wear this skirt.

And for the last little tidbit:

One day earlier this summer, I came across this fabric at Hancock's.  It is cotton twill with lycra, and it stretches a bit only on the cross grain.  I fell in love with this and thought it would make a cute summer skirt or purse or both, so I picked up a few yards.  

When I bought this fabric, I thought my daughter would hate it, and be appalled that I'd make a skirt from navy turtle fabric.  MUCH to my surprise, when she saw my pull it out of the dryer, she said "Oh Mom, that's cute!  Can you make me something with that?"  I am pleased that she likes it - surprised, but pleased.  I think I have enough left after my skirt is cut out to make something for her.  We will never wear it on the same day, promise!

I pulled out a New Look skirt pattern and altered it this afternoon amidst multiple distractions, and got it cut out before dinner.  After dinner, I basted and fitted it, only to find it much too large.  (Note that I mentioned all the distractions?)  I had to take out what I had added into the pattern, and then some.  Oh well, that's why God created the basting stitch, right?  

I didn't get very far after that, but I will finish it this weekend so I can take it with me on our trip next week.  

Tomorrow I hope to install Anna's curtains, so I will post pictures of that this weekend.  I need more sewing hours in the day.  ;)

Bye for now,