Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back in the Swing & the Packages Are Arriving

I am feeling human again, and I want to sew.  Today was filled with catching up/errands/and the dentist.
Tomorrow morning I have a meeting, then I have to deal with this:

No idea who the guy is...

The yellow house behind the unknown man is a rental house of ours, and the tree sits on the edge of our property.  It was hit by lightning, which tore up two prominent limbs and shot some bark off the trunk.  Luckily, no one was injured.  The lightning blew out some small appliances in the house, but nothing major like the new A/C unit we just had installed.  Whew!

I need to get the city tree inspector out to assess the tree and tell us if we can/should cut it down.  In our area, it takes a special dispensation to cut down most trees, including this type of Oak.   And funny thing, I just found out that the arborist we've used for years is visiting prison for the next ten years or so.  Time to find a new one.

Ok, enough about 'crap that interferes with sewing', and onto some stuff about sewing.  The stuff I ordered during my shopping spree while ill is arriving.  Here is the pattern lineup.

I've never sewn Hot Patterns - the envelopes are huge!  I like the curvy trouser style, and hope I can get a good fit on my curvy bod.  The dress has a sort of shoulder princess top, and I think I'd like this belted.  I have yet to choose fabrics for these.

I just noticed these are backwards, oh well.  The McCall's shoulder princess dress in the center is what I had planned to make next.  I saw some great versions made up by PR members here,  here, and shortened to a jacket here.  But as luck would have it, the envelope contained instructions only.  Yep, no pattern.  This is the only one I bought locally, from Hancock's, and did not save the receipt.  :(  
For the JS Tee, I have some cheap poly blend 'Ponte' that I picked up on sale at Hancock's that I will use for my muslin on this.  I think I have a nice shirting somewhere in stash for the princess shirt on the right. 


The shirt and the dress on the right are both shoulder princess seamed as well, and the dress in the middle has princess lines up the back, with an empire seam & vertical darts, and cup sizing to a D.  (At least it gets me closer...)

Are you sensing a theme here?  It is going to be the fall and winter of the shoulder princess tops and dresses.  I have found it to be the best way to fit my large cup sized bust.  It has been at least a year or more since I made myself a pair of pants, so I am looking forward to the trouser also.

I'm anxious to sew, but have a few commitments this week besides the tree, then company coming to stay this weekend.  I may just be looking at next week before any real sewing happens.

Here are a couple of my other new purchases:

Kai Bent Handled Scissors

Both of my other irons - I keep one in the laundry room and one in the sewing studio - leak like a sieve, despite the $$ I spent.  One is a Rowenta, and I was sorely disappointed.  I have seen great reviews of this iron, so I'm hoping I love this one and it keeps on loving me.

The rest of the too much money I spent was on clothes for DD, for school.  A necessary thing.

Although I have lots of fabrics picked out on several websites, I never hit the BUY button.  I know, chicken.  But really, I couldn't talk myself into it yet.  I've got to dig through the stash to see what I can use first.  Maybe.  Cenetta made up a great mesh top, and I was really thinking either mesh with an underlining or stretch lace with an underlining for the JS Tee.  Take a look at this one on the Gorgeous Fabric's blog.  But since there is no mesh in the stash, nor enough stretch lace, I'll just have to go hit that BUY button, right?

Happy sewing ~



  1. I popped in to let you know I was wondering about the goth site hits myself (I responded to your comment on my blog).

    And I see you got the orange Reliable! I got the heavier v100...do let me know how the orange one works for you - that's the v50, right?

  2. Jilly, I'm loving that it's orange...matches the studio!


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