Friday, August 19, 2011

It's Over. But Where Did It GO?

Today is our official last lazy day of summer.  Just like that, done.  I have no stinking idea where summer went.  Oh well, as the old saying goes, "All good things must come to an end."  Then there is "This too, shall pass."  I am sure there will be moments when we use the latter coming up in the next couple months.

Monday is the first day of 10th grade for my baby girl.  I am excited for her, yet at times go all weepy mommy (privately) when I stop to think how fast she has grown up.  Like right now.  Excuse me, brb.

Okay, I'm back.  I'm very proud of her - she has goals that she is able to articulate, and is very independent regarding school.  Yesterday was the day all the kids go in and pick up their finalized schedules and buy their books for the upcoming semester.  It's a great time for the kids to see their friends who may have been away all summer.  I remember last year this day was fraught with butterflies in the stomach and the anxiousness of what was new and as yet unknown.  Not any more - it's all old hat now.

I'm especially proud of how she has made a commitment to learn Chinese as her second language, and just flew with it, receiving the top scholar award for Chinese I this past school year.  She will begin Chinese II on Monday with her favorite teacher, and only a handful of kids in the class - just the kids who love it.

So, these last few days of summer break we've been getting ready for the shock of the schedule that lies in wait Monday morning.  I find the older I get, the longer it takes me to get on a new schedule, so I'm starting this weekend.  Just like a baby.  ;)

Lauren wanted her ears pierced (her old piercings closed up long ago) before school started.  

I have a great picture of Lauren and her daddy, but he made me swear no pictures of him will ever be on my blog, so you can't see it.  ;)  Her dad and I repierced her old holes with some hypodermic needles and a little pair of ruby earrings hubby gave me many years ago.  She wanted the little hoops (above), but I couldn't get the little buggers in.  It really was quite hysterical, especially because my husband was cracking us up.  It's so much easier to use the little studs pre-loaded in a piercing device, but I didn't have any, and a DD wanted it done before she lost her nerve.  

This afternoon we are going to get her learner's permit at the DMV (God help me - the D.M.V.), so now when she practices driving she can do it legally.  

I've signed up to participate in the Friday Night Sew In over at Handmade by Heidi.  This will be my first time participating!  I hope to make a skirt for DD, and possibly a couple aprons, one for a gift and one for my girl. Join in if you can - the more, the merrier, right?

Off to the DMV - wish me luck!


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