Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Retail Torture

It's been quite a while since I've been shopping at the malls.  School begins on Monday for my daughter in high-school.  On Fridays they are required to wear a dress uniform, which is quite nice.  The rest of the week they can wear their own clothes, as long as the shirts are collared and the skirts and shorts are to the knee.  (DD likes to translate that to mid-thigh, a source of contention at times around here.)  She actually prefers skirts over pants or shorts, with the exception of jeans.  Jeans are not allowed, however.  They can wear any shoe, even flip-flops, except on uniform days.  Not a bad dress policy - for the kids that is.  Torture for the parents.  Sheer torture I tell you.

We were a bit lax on preparing for back to school this summer.  It insidiously snuck up on us, so here we are in these last few days before the start of school, scrambling to buy some school appropriate clothes.
First stop:  Evos.  If one must shop retail, a full belly is a must.

Second stop:  Shoe store, where she found a cute pair of mid-calf cowboy boots.  Third stop:  Luggage store for a new backpack.  Five minutes later, we are feeling accomplished and productive.  A great shopping trip so far.

Fourth stop:  New York & Co.  to look for skirts and collared shirts.  First time in there for both of us.  We were both irritable after trying on just a couple items, and seriously, had to leave the store because THE MUSIC WAS SO FREAKIN' LOUD!  I liked the music.  It had a great beat.  I asked the young lady assisting us if it bothered her, to which she replied that it did, but it was company policy to keep it so loud.  Really?  We grabbed a couple things and went to check out, where I spoke with the manager.  I told her that we couldn't continue shopping there because the music made it too unpleasant and difficult to shop there, and that my daughter and I had to scream at each other to be heard in the dressing room.   She asked what I found so unpleasant about it.  Really?  Mind you, she was likely not yet the age of majority, and probably thought I was an old bat for complaining.  I told her simply, the volume.  She said 'Oh'.  Great response.  Then she tried to get me to sign up for emails to get coupons to come back and shop some more.  Really?  What part of 'too unpleasant and difficult to shop' there did she not get?  I'm not know for holding back or not telling like it is, so I'm pretty sure there were no shades of gray in my complaint.  When we left the store, my ears ached.  We will never shop there again, and no, I didn't sign up for their damn email list.  Oh well, call me old.  There are other places to shop.  But, I feel better for getting that off my chest.  ;)

DD just told me that one of the stores left an inking anti-theft device on one of the items we purchased.  Great, now we have to go back tomorrow.  I believe it was at a store where we got yelled at by a crazy customer with poor social skills.  More fun at the mall.  DD and I were chatting as we walked up to the checkout counter and got in line behind the woman who was being waited on.  Suddenly, some lady  screamed at us that she's next in line, carrying on and having a hissy fit!   We hadn't seen her because she was standing on the other side of the circular counter behind another register- a good fifteen feet away.  Whew, it's vicious out there.  I assured her that we had no intention of usurping her spot in line.  (I may have told her to relax, take a breath, no need to get all upset.)  She never did quit carrying on.  The checkout lady, who I've dealt with before, is a real sweetie.  I think the screaming crazy lady got her a bit frazzled, causing her to miss the tag.

My daughter is an outlier for her age, I think, in that she does not like to shop.  She loves to look good, loves to have nice clothes, just does not like the act of obtaining said clothes.  So there was some whinage involved, to which I do not respond well.  Like fingernails on a chalkboard.   Luckily it was limited.  Some of it was justified, I suppose, and I do understand.  She inherited my bust line.  Poor kid. Junior sized clothes are not made for the well endowed, and buying a dress is damn near impossible for her.  Good thing I can sew.

We capped of the excursion by picking up some really cute costume jewelry - the fun and easy part, no fit issues.  ;)

I think after a long day of retail therapy  torture, I deserve some quality sewing time.  See y'all later ~ I'm off to the studio!

Thanks for listening to my griping......



  1. I feel your pain. Good for you for speaking up. Fitting is an issue with almost everyone. That's why women buy shoes and bags!

    My daughters and I just returned from a cross border shopping trip. We are exhausted and broke. I too find the music loud in some stores. I also can't shop in certain preppy stores due to huge amounts of fragrance they spray in the store.

  2. Let's see if this goes through! It sounds like torture. I often hate shopping for myself and can't imagine helping a teenager. I had the DDs in high school too and so does my niece! It's not easy!

  3. Janlynn, you are so right! I have quite the collection of shoes, bags, and scarves. ;) The overly perfumed stores are the worst, I agree.

    Lisa, yay, it worked, lol. I have PSSD (post shopping stress disorder) today... ;)


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