Thursday, August 4, 2011


Just a few quick things to talk about tonight.  

First up, I am revisiting the Infinity Scarf that I posted about here.  Selina, aka Tink's Mom, asked me about the measurements of my scarf.  I had mentioned that I made mine longer than Karen did in her tutorial that I followed.  My scarf used the full width - 45", just folded and sewn up the selvedge, and 60" in length.  I wanted it longer because I like to be able to wear it looser around my neck.  

I asked my daughter to take some pictures for me, and as soon as she got the camera out, my hubby called from out of town.  So I was talking while getting my picture taken.  In the top left photo, Lauren asked me to put the scarf on like I was riding in a convertible.  See how versatile it is?!  It makes me think I should make one out of warmer fabric for winter.  (Yes, it gets cold here for a few days...)

Next up,  please excuse the terrible photo quality in the next two pictures, but I want to show some pics of this skirt I made.  It's a no pattern quickie, and so comfortable.  I pulled some black linen from my stash, cut a rectangle large enough to go around my hips + approximately 6" for SA's and ease.  I sewed multiple lines of shirring using elastic thread in the bobbin, then sewed up a center back seam.  

It is extremely comfortable, can be dressed up or dressed down.  I wore it to dinner tonight with red sandals and a black and white top.  (Although by the time I remembered to take a picture, I had already changed.)

My Assistant is checking the hem.

The skirt falls just below the knee, which is comfortable for me.  However, since I have been exercising more consistently, I am more comfortable with skirts just at the knee, and am considering shortening the hem a bit.  In all honesty, I probably won't get around to it.  I will try to get better daytime pictures next time I wear this skirt.

And for the last little tidbit:

One day earlier this summer, I came across this fabric at Hancock's.  It is cotton twill with lycra, and it stretches a bit only on the cross grain.  I fell in love with this and thought it would make a cute summer skirt or purse or both, so I picked up a few yards.  

When I bought this fabric, I thought my daughter would hate it, and be appalled that I'd make a skirt from navy turtle fabric.  MUCH to my surprise, when she saw my pull it out of the dryer, she said "Oh Mom, that's cute!  Can you make me something with that?"  I am pleased that she likes it - surprised, but pleased.  I think I have enough left after my skirt is cut out to make something for her.  We will never wear it on the same day, promise!

I pulled out a New Look skirt pattern and altered it this afternoon amidst multiple distractions, and got it cut out before dinner.  After dinner, I basted and fitted it, only to find it much too large.  (Note that I mentioned all the distractions?)  I had to take out what I had added into the pattern, and then some.  Oh well, that's why God created the basting stitch, right?  

I didn't get very far after that, but I will finish it this weekend so I can take it with me on our trip next week.  

Tomorrow I hope to install Anna's curtains, so I will post pictures of that this weekend.  I need more sewing hours in the day.  ;)

Bye for now,


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