Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cavatelli and a JoAnn's Excursion

Last week my lovely daughter turned 16.  While we went out for dinner at her favorite chophouse, traditionally we have a family dinner.  The grandparents were sick, so we had the big dinner today.  The birthday girl requested Cavatelli, which some also refer to as Gnocchi.  Cavatelli is pasta made from ricotta cheese and flour, +/- an egg or two if the ricotta is on the dry side.  I've seen many recipes on the interwebs, but I make them like my mother and grandmother taught me when I was young.  I think it is one of those regional things where different areas have different recipes.

Hubby kneading the dough.

The dough rolled out.

The dough going through the Cavatelli maker with lots of flour.

A pan of Cavatelli ready for the freezer.
I made 5 pans like the one above.  What I did not cook today will remain in the freezer until we want some again.  It is possible to make these without a machine, but the hand crank machine is faster.

Yesterday I made a massive pot of sauce with meatballs & sausage.  A dish of cavatelli smothered in sauce is one of my most favorite foods.  I don't have a picture of the lovely pillows of pasta smothered in sauce because we were too excited to eat.  Maybe tomorrow - because there will be more.  ;)

The JoAnn's Excursion.

Boy, were they busy this morning!  I accompanied a friend this morning to help pick out fabric to recover sofa cushions on an old sofa she is sending to live with her son in his college apartment.  (We were taking advantage of the extra 10% off coupon in the  flyer.)  He is a Seminole, so we chose a nice outdoor fabric in black with a diamond textured pattern.  We also found 'Noles fleece for a blanket, and 'Noles quilting cotton for some throw pillows.  The upholsterer is doing the seat cushions, and I am making the fleece throw and the pillows.  I asked my friend how big she wanted the throw, to which she replied, "Only big enough to cover one person."  Spoken like a mom!  LOL, since the fabric is 60" wide, my dear friend, I regret to inform you that it'll be cozy for two.  ;)

I just loved fabric shopping with a friend!

Well, dinner and dessert (that's another post) have been eaten, the dishes all done and put away, and my doggies are barking!  Goodnight, and enjoy the rest of the weekend.  My labor has been done, so hopefully sewing will follow tomorrow.



  1. WOW, now I would love to have a huge plate that too, but I'd definitely pay for it later!!!! I agree, there's nothing like fabric shopping with a's so much fun!! Thanks for stopping by with your kind comments!!!

  2. All the food and all that fabric. Wow!! Relax and enjoy . You deserve it.


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