Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Didn't Mean To Do It

First off, thank you to those who left such lovely comments about the bouclè skirt and Threads technique. It really was fun to sew. Haven't worn it yet - a waxing is sorely needed!

So onto today's topic. Really and truly, what I did was unplanned, an impulse. Because it was an impulse from somewhere deep within, I didn't take 'before' pictures. Just trust me when I say it was quite a job. What did I do?

I cleaned my daughter's closet.

There I was, minding my own business, doing laundry. I don't mind doing laundry, but there are laundry rules in my house. "Rules?", you ask? Yes, rules.
1) I don't go looking for laundry. If you want your clothes cleaned, you put your dirties in your own personal dirty clothes basket in the laundry room cabinets.
2) Everyone is responsible for putting away their own laundry. I wash/dry/fold, they put away.

I think I mentioned before that our girl is taking some school trips this year, this weekend being one of those trips. Knowing that she had a busy night last night, I put her laundry away for her. Or, at least I tried. Her closet was so packed with clothes and other stuff, I couldn't fit anything in there. Now, usually we clean out her closet together every summer, but didn't get to it this past summer.

One thing I have often wondered this past year was why my girl was always 'borrowing' my clothes, in particular, running shorts, sweaters, and button down shirts. My clothes are too big for her even! While I was immersed in organizing yesterday, I surmised that it is because my closet is so neat and organized, while hers was, well, a disaster. I ran this thought by her last night and just got a little giggle in return. Hmmmm.

Now generally, my girl is organized and does a decent job of keeping her room neat and clean. Much better than most kids her age. Her school work is always impeccably organized, and her bookshelf is magazine cover ready at all times.

Her closet configuration presents challenges to organization.

The builder (@#%***~!) made a small, walk-in, square closet with 10' ceilings, then proceeded to put the door on - opening INTO the closet. When we bought the house, the door came off day one. The closet itself has a small footprint - definitely designed by a man - and has a wire shelf on the three walls. No built-ins, yet.

Anyhow, back to my cleaning impulse. As I scanned her closet, I saw many things that hadn't been worn in a good while, and I knew would never be worn. So I grabbed sections of clothes and piled everything on the bed, then emptied the rest of the contents - books, hats, scarves, belts, purses, and all kinds of miscellany. Then the closet got a good vacuuming, and the baseboards a good cleaning.

The other day I had picked up a good sized plastic drawer unit at home depot for the studio closet to store and organize sewing supplies and the like. Since it hadn't been filled yet, I moved it into DD's closet. This became home to hats, scarves, accessories, etc.

I sorted through all her clothes, tops first, then bottoms, then dresses. I made a keep pile and a donate pile. This was quick and easy. If I hadn't seen it on her in 6 months, sayonara. The exception was cold weather clothing, which we have little opportunity to wear. She doesn't have much anyway.

When I had pared down the piles, I put all the tops, sweaters, and jackets on one side of the closet, and all of the bottoms and dresses on the other side. In the middle sits the plastic dresser, then I hung her belts from the shelf above the dresser. It looks and feels to be a more efficient system, and it's easier to access the clothes in the back by not having clothes hanging on the middle shelf.

All in all, this was a good exercise for me to do. I've been wanting to get her closet built out, and this gives me a better idea of what will work for her. DD is 'vertically challenged' as she puts it, so I need to buy her one of those fold up wooden stepladders so that she can access the vertical space when I do get it built out. I would love to have this amazing lady build out the closet for me. She is an inspiration, but I will definitely have to hire this out. :-)

Today, a trip to the women's shelter donation center is in order:

The bonus to my accidental closet cleaning? Packing was a breeze for my girl last night.

{I have to be honest and wonder if my attack on my daughter's closet was my way of handling the conflicting mom feelings I'm having about my daughter spreading her wings. This will be her second trip without her dad and me, but a little stepping stone to some more epic trips both domestic and overseas (without us) to come in her life during the next two years. I am both excited for her and a little anxious that she will be away where her dad and I cannot control the circumstances. She's a smart, sensible young woman, and able to fend for herself, so I know she will be fine. She will have such a fabulous time, and whether she realizes it or not, will be exercising her independence muscles. She will be blossoming a little bit more these next several days, expanding her horizons - traveling with school friends, granted with a faculty escort, but without mom & dad. Small steps, preparing herself and her dad and me for when it is time for her to leave the nest. Truly, in so many ways, I am proud of her beyond words.}

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  1. Sounds like we had the same "door issue". :-) I'm flattered and if you want me to do it and you're going to hire it out, let's talk. Where do you live anyway. LOL Great job getting her closet organized. That is an accomplishment in it's own right.


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