Saturday, September 24, 2011

J. Stern Designs Tee: Take II

I loved my first J. Stern Designs Tee so much, and wear it all the time.  It is a great top to run errands, putz around the house, do laundry, exercise - you know, the everyday stuff of life.  This version (blue) is the same fabric as the first (gray), but in a different color, purchased the same day.  However, the blue fabric definitely has more  - come si dice - springiness?  Ok, I am at a loss for the term - it's on the tip of my tongue...  Anyhow, it wears a little more snugly than the first one, but perhaps that will relax after more washings. 

This Tee received a slight FBA, while slightly reducing the size of the upper chest area.  It is a better fit, no doubt.  These tees fit close to the body, and that works for me for wearing them so casually as I do.  

Nice fit at the upper chest with pattern alterations.

I constructed this Tee a bit differently than my first.  Instead of binding the neck and arm openings, I cut 2 of each piece, except the main two body pieces.  I constructed the 2 fronts, then sewed RST and then turned RSO.  The back piece was constructed in the same manner.  The entire top was sewn on my serger, and I coverstitched the hem.  After the rest of the top was completed, I hand stitched the shoulder seams together, a small price to pay for skipping the bindings.  ;)

I plan to make a dressier version of this top with sleeves - for that one I will relax the fit in the body. I ordered some mesh fabric that I love, but didn't love the fabric I ordered to underline the mesh, so this project will have to wait until I find something that complements the mesh fabric.  

As I mentioned in my first post about the J. Stern Designs Tee, Jennifer has a plethora of good information on her blog regarding fit and alterations necessary to change the fit.  Jennifer has a video showing how to sew the Tee step by step here.  So useful if you are new to sewing, or new to knits.  She shows how to relax the fit of the Tee here, which I will do on my "dressier" version.  

Jennifer also has a separate pattern for a Women's size tee, here.  The difference, according to Jennifer's website, is that the original Tee is graded to a 44 1/2" bust with a C cup, and the Women's Tee is more relaxed with D cup room.  The Women's Tee bust measurements listed on the pattern go from 43" at size 16, to 55" at size 24.  Jennifer also says that the shoulder seams are a little wider and the short sleeves are a little longer.  I am planning to purchase the Women's Tee pattern also, as I intend to make at least one for a gift for a friend's mother who is in her mid 80's.  It will be perfect for her to wear around the house and in the garden.  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



  1. A lovely tee that fits you really well. I love the idea of not binding the armholes.

  2. Lovely T - looks like a really versatile pattern.


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