Monday, September 19, 2011

Reliable Customer Service Rocks!

Just a quick post about my iron issues. I received an email this morning from the eBay seller with the phone number for Reliable, along with pertinent info. I called and spoke with a technician, who approved the return and asked me to leave a voice mail with all my info and I would be contacted.

This afternoon I received a call from a woman named Alice in customer service. She was calling from Toronto, Canada, and was very pleasant. We chatted about the issue and I told her how I came to buy a Reliable V50. I mentioned that after researching and reading all the great reviews, some on PR, I was convinced, especially with the 1 year warranty they offer. I also told her that I love the iron and the incredible steam it puts out.

Alice told me she was just going to send me out a new iron, and they would test it before shipping. How fantastic is that?! I am most pleased with the wonderful customer service I received from both the eBay seller and the Reliable company. These days it seems that customer service like that is an outlier, an outlier that I am thrilled to have found.

I am so looking forward to receiving my new iron. I'm pretty sure I'll be a customer of Reliable for life.

Have a wonderful evening,



  1. I love happy endings I hope this is one of those times.Know what you mean about ironing. I love to do it too. I swear it's calming and has been a time when I come up with some pretty good ideas.Nothing like putting fresh and pressed sheets on a bed. Looks and feels great!

  2. Happy news! Especially since I was one of those who recommended Reliable lol. My your replacement give you as much ironing pleasure as my v100 gives me :D


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