Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ruffle Fabric and a Peek at the Studio

Well hello there! Absentee blogger reporting in. It's been a long, slow week back to the land of the healthy, and I am itching to sew. A good sign, in my world. Sooooo, thanks to the presence of online fabric shops, there was some fabric shopping going on from the sofa. I couldn't resist making a skirt from this ruffled fabric for my daughter after seeing it here on V and Co.

The fabric arrived in my mailbox yesterday. It's a poly/lycra blend, and semi-sheer if you lift the ruffles as the pictures below show. I will have to dig through the stash to find something to use as a lining. I wish I had a simple charcoal colored voile to cut on the bias, as I love the comfort factor of voile linings, especially in our heat. ***This may necessitate more fabric shopping.

A peek at the studio while it's clean!

Right before the back-to-school contagion from hell hit me, I had a dear friend from out of town stop in for a couple of days. Since the sewing room doubles as guest quarters, I had to make the room presentable. It's a good thing I get company from time to time! But really, I love my studio neat. I find I am more creative in neat surroundings.

I made that bright pillow on the center of the bed last week - before the contagion from hell - out of Ikea fabric.  It has a lapped zipper in the back at the bottom.  I like to put zippers in pillow covers so I can change them out when the mood strikes - they take up a whole lot less space that way.
See that cord peeking out in front of the dust ruffle?  Electric blanket.  Sometimes I sit and sew here and like my tootsies warm.

No peeking behind the curtain! Seriously, I need to do some organizing under there. Curtains are great for hiding the unsightly, aren't they?

Ready for action.

So, with fresh fabric and a clean space, hopefully the hum of sewing machines will soon be heard. In addition to the ruffle skirt, I'd like to give the J. Stern Tee another go, this time with fit tweaks.

I hope you are having a great week, with lots of sewing going on.

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  1. Glad to hear you are ready to get back to sewing. The ruffled fabric is beautiful.

    Your sewing studio is so bright and pretty and CLEAN! OMG not even a thread or pin on the carpet. Get in there and mess it up.

  2. Haha Janlynn, I seriously needed a good laugh. :) I am messing it up as we speak!


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