Friday, September 16, 2011

The Ruffle Skirt

Here it is! I think it will be so cute on my daughter, and I have to thank Vanessa at V and Co. for the inspiration. Vanessa has a great blog, and made a skirt just like this. Imitation being the greatest form of flattery, I ordered the same color fabric. I've been into the grays lately, and my daughter prefers dark colored skirts anyway - and how many black skirts can I make??

This skirt took 30 minutes start to finish. My kind of quick sew! The most time consuming part was matching up the ruffles at the one seam, and pinning each one so they stayed in line. I already had an elastic waistband sewn into a circle, because one day I made a few in my daughter's size for times like this. Boy, was that a great idea. When I sat down at the machine to sew up the skirt, it was already threaded with gray thread - bonus!

It will definitely be too long on her - she's short, and this is the perfect length for me. The really nice thing about this fabric is the no-fray factor. Hemming will consist of snip-snip. Fingers crossed she likes it - she hasn't even seen the fabric...

If you want to make one and need instructions, hop on over to Vanessa's blog where she has a tutorial.

I was looking over my stash tonight, and pulled out a piece of bouclè that is a few years old. If memory serves, it was a remnant I snagged while visiting PA one summer. I've got a lovely piece of Bemberg lining in a complementary color perfect is that? I know what I'll be doing after breakfast on Saturday morn.

And Janlynn, I tossed some thread and fabric scraps on the floor and mussed up the daybed a bit for you!

**If anyone reading this blogs on an iPad, I'm throwing out a question. How do I make the pictures smaller when I post from my iPad? On my laptop, they resize automatically, and it is easy to change the size. Not so much on the iPad. If anyone knows what I'm missing, I'd be grateful if you educate me on this. TIA :)

Have a fantastic weekend,


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