Sunday, October 30, 2011

Carved Creations

Today's non-sewing blog entry is all about our pumpkins.  Lauren and I carved our pumpkins before she headed off to a Halloween party last night.  We had a great time carving.  I'm really, really glad that she still enjoys hanging with her parents.  We have so many fun pumpkin carving and Halloween costume makin' memories.  I bet all of you do also - years of sewing costumes for your kids.

This year a costume was not requested, however, I got to do her hair and makeup - lots of fun for Mom.  ;)

So, without further ado, pictures of our carvings, with a few tips at the end.  Enjoy.

1)  For a more 3D effect, cut out a part of the design and reposition with toothpicks, such as the cat in the small pumpkin.
2)  Vaseline smeared on the cut edges help prevent wilting.
3)  Scraping off the skin to reveal the yellowish flesh underneath, as in the eyes and teeth of the large pumpkin, also add dimension to the pumpkin design.
4)  Small, serrated knives work best for carving the intricate parts of the design.

Happy Halloween!

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