Saturday, October 29, 2011

Epic Fail

Or, I shoulda known better.

McCalls 5695, a ladies glove pattern.

My daughter asked me to make a pair of long gloves from this pattern out of a poly satin fabric to wear with her Halloween costume Saturday night. Sure, I said, except it really needs to be a stretch fabric. Can't you make it work, Mom? In my defense, I was exhausted, and the fabric store was a literal zoo, kind of like the grocery the day before Thanksgiving or a hurricane.

We met the hubs for dinner, where I had a double shot of espresso for dessert, so I could stay awake to sew. Which is the reason I'm writing this at 1 am.

Upon reading thru the pattern instructions and inspecting the pattern pieces, I was slightly confused. The envelope indicates there are small, medium, and large sized patterns in the envelope. However, the only difference is sizing is in the length of the glove, ie, where it sits at the wrist. There were no cutting lines for small, med, and large with respect to hand width or finger width/length. So, you can have a longer hand with this pattern, but not a bigger hand in any other way. I can't imagine that using a stretch leather, as the pattern calls for, would provide enough stretch to fit very well for women with larger hands. However, there were shorten/lengthen lines on the fingers.

Other than that, the instructions were fine, as were the illustrations. Sewing gloves, even if one were to use a proper fabric, seems a bit tedious to me. The cutting out was even tedious. It's a challenge to get that thumb sewn to the palm, and the gussets in between the fingers, all in 1/8 in. seams. Perhaps with stretch leather it would be easier and less tedious. The fabric I used frayed terribly.

All in all, a PITA. I'll hit the costume store in the am an see if we can't grab a pair. No clue why I didn't do that to begin with...

I've mentioned before that we have a big fundraiser coming up. The work involved has been cutting into my sewing time, so there has been no sewing happening here. The event is next weekend, and when it's over, sewing will resume. It's a great event, and well worth the effort. I've got a number of patterns I'd like to get to in the ear future, mostly tops.

Since I have no fabulous sewing pics to post, how about a shot of my first ever Meyer lemons freshly picked off of my little tree. It's been a constant battle with the squirrels to keep my patio plants alive and well. The Meyer lemon tree initially had 7 little tiny lemons when it began to bear fruit. Luckily, these two survived the squirrel onslaught.

Even though there will be no sewing until after next weekend, I will continue to blog surf and enjoy everyone else's handiwork!

Have a wonderful weekend,


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