Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Look 6083 Pants Muslin

NL 6083 is a pattern I am considering for a fundraiser coming up next month. I'm on the committee, which means I'll be on my feet all night. I mentioned previously that a heel fracture has kept me out of pretty shoes/ heels, hence the pants. I'm on the prowl for a nice crepe in a bottom weight for the pants. For the top, I have a pretty fabric in my stash.

Tuesday I made some alterations to the flat pattern. My voluptuous hips needed more wiggle room than this pattern allowed, and I needed to deepen the back crotch length as well. The crotch depth was right on.

Today I was able to spend a couple minutes in the studio sewing up a muslin. I have had a bunch of black satin in my stash forever - it frays like craaaazy, and isn't really good for much in the way of apparel. I have made shoe bags and such from the satin. Today it became a muslin.

I haven't put the waistband on, but don't really need to on the muslin. I didn't bother with darts either, but they will definitely be needed. I do intend to make one change at the waistband. The pattern calls for a side zip, but I'm planning a rear zip. I've got enough bulk at the hip as it is.

Here is a side shot - I was alone and it's the only shot I could get while holding up the undarted, no-waistband pants...

They feel like a good fit, and hang nicely, despite the icky fabric. I'll try them on one more time before I cut good fabric, as I just gave them a quick once over. While looking for the right fabric for the event, I may make a pair from a grey suiting fabric in the stash. I'm really loving gray lately. These are definitely a quickie, and nothing much to talk about with regards to the pattern. More on this one later.

In my world, as in most people with kids, once school starts, life goes by at a dizzying pace until after Christmas. Part of this busyness will settle down once our big fundraiser is over next month, just in time to gear up for the Holidays. Anyhow, my hubs threw me a monkey wrench the other day.. He emailed me (only because he doesn't text) to tell me we have a black tie shindig this weekend that we must attend. When I mentioned the short notice, he said, "What, I gave you a week." Yeah. I may have to hide some straight pins in his tux. Muhahahaha....

Not really having enough time to make an appropriate dress, I ran over to Nordstrom's yesterday and grabbed a LBD. I'm actually completely {shocked} that it fit with no alterations. It's a Ponte knit, one of my fave fabrics - wearing it now, actually (ponte, not the dress). The tradeoff is that it's a tad shorter than I like, but black hose will make it more comfortable for me. Other than being a basic LBD, it does have an interesting neckline. It is rare that I find a RTW dress appropriate for evening that 1) fits the girls, 2) doesn't need alterations, 3) can be worn with a bra, and last but not least, 4) covers my pacemaker scar and lump. I'm not particularly modest about the scar/bump combo (after all, it keeps me ticking!), but I do find that when I am in the company of people I haven't previously met or don't know well, it is a distraction. People tend to stare at it, or keep glancing at it, I'm sure just out of curiosity, but I find it distracting to conversation. It's about a cm below my clavicle and a few cm's to the left of center, so it's definitely hard to hide, and I'm glad I can hide it with this dress. All of the planets in the solar system must have been aligned to find this LBD on the first try. Seriously. I'll try to post a pic this weekend of the LBD. Shoe wise, I am going to suck it up and wear heels, since it's just for a few hours.

Also on the horizon, there's some strange magnetic energy passing through the studio that caused my new new Reliable V50 to most strangely malfunction. I posted a pic when it peed on my nice clean ironing board cover. All seems better now, but I'm holding my breath and treading carefully. I'll do a full review if it continues to behave, because it is a good iron.

Lastly, I also mentioned previously that for the November fundraising event, I am making a "sewing basket" for auction, complete with a sewing machine. I'll be putting it together Friday, so I'll post a picture of that this weekend as well. I think I've covered the basics, just need to grab some thread to toss in.

Just one more thing. If I suddenly disappear and stop blogging, it's only because I've gone away to recover from my addiction to candy corn. ;)

I hope your week has been amazing,


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