Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday in the Studio

How long have you had your ironing board? How often do you change the cover? Well, I've had my board since college days, and it's been over 20 years since I graduated from college. (Yes, I'm old. No, I have no idea how or when that happened.) I'm pretty sure it came from somewhere like K-Mart, because Target wasn't around back then, and I'm not sure about Wally World. Anyhow, the cover on my board had become really unsightly. The current cover had been on there for a couple of years at least, and I've had leaky iron issues lately. I had picked up actual ironing board cover fabric (the silver stuff) from Jo-Ann's, and a while back I purchased enough wool to use as padding.

Much to my surprise, there were a number of covers on the board: six, to be exact. Here are the first five. Ick.

And last but not least:

I remember each of these, including the folded up pink sheet that I added for extra padding, somewhere around the time when my 16 year old was a toddler....

It was a nice surprise to find that the top cover, which was still in good shape except for the stains on the top surface, was reversible, and clean on the reverse side. So after giving the board a good wipe down, I used my piece of wool (from as extra padding underneath the most recent pad, unstained and brand-spanking-new-looking side up. Ahh, so nice to have a fresh new ironing board cover. I tucked away my cover fabric for another day,and went about my business.

After dinner I went back up to the studio and placed the new V50 Reliable Iron on the pristine cover, and set it to the lowest temp. I was working on pattern alterations, and heard the iron's steam pump turn on. (I hadn't selected steam.) I turned around to find the iron leaking water like crazy from between the soleplate and the body of the iron, leaving the iron sitting in a puddle of water! I snapped a quick pic and tried to turn the steam off, but it would NOT shut off. I unplugged it and tried again a few minutes later. Same thing. I tried a third time, same thing again. It appears the steam pump is stuck on.

I'm really bummed, for two reasons. One, this was the replacement iron that Reliable sent me to replace the first one that leaked. I really want a Reliable that works, because it makes steam independent of temp setting. Two, the V50 gone crazy left a big water spot on my clean ironing board cover. :-( I'm hoping it dries without staining.

Also today I finished up another J. Stern Designs Tee that I had begun a week or two ago with fabric I wasn't loving. After putting on the sleeves and trying it on, I wadded it up and file thirteen'd it. The pattern is great, and I wear two that I made previously all the time. This was strictly a fabric issue. It was a lightweight poly stretch from Gorgeous Fabrics in a pretty shade of plum. I didn't care for the feel of the fabric, nor how lightweight it was, and it was not fun to work with, neither to cut or to sew. I went into it knowing I didn't like the fabric, but thought I could make it work. I hate to see things go to waste. I should have cut my losses - I ended up wasting my time instead. Lesson learned.

There was third project in the studio today, namely, pants pattern alteration on NL6083. I did a ton of alterations on this pattern (mostly because I need a bigger size) and hope to se up a muslin tomorrow. Hopefully it turns out better than the Tee wadder an the iron failure. Fingers crossed!

Hope your weekend was amazing!

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  1. I'm older than you and I worked at a Target when I was 17, so they were around. Just not on every corner. ;-) I hope your iron heals itself!!


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