Sunday, October 2, 2011

What's Making Me Tick This Week

Life is busy in the Fall. The kids are well into the school year, nearing the end of the first quarter, routines have fallen back into place. While I cherish the lazier, less structured days of summer, I don't mind the structure of the school year. But I miss the sewing time! The beginning of the school year also begins a season during which my time is divided amongst other commitments in addition to my family.

One of those commitments is a time consuming, albeit enjoyable task. I transpose church music for my daughter to play on her alto sax at church on Sundays. Church music is primarily written for piano, and must be transposed for any instrument which is in a different key than piano. While it takes a good chunk of time, it is both relaxing and a good exercise for my aging brain. I love church music - love to play it and love to sing it - and I really love to hear my daughter play it during the service. Her playing is beautiful, whether solo or with the rest of the musicians. As her Mother, hearing her play at Church warms my heart to know that she facilitates worship through her music. At her age I don't think she fully appreciates the impact the music has on the congregation, but I can't imagine a service without music. So each week I transpose several pieces of music, typically five or six. There are weeks I've been known to finish in the pew as the service is beginning, and sneak it onto her music stand just in time.

One of the other biggies time wise in the Fall is fundraising. There was an event Saturday and one a month from now. Saturday's event was the smaller time commitment of the two - it only involves one prep day and one day at the event, and was a lot of (tiring) fun. The event in November is a big one, and somehow has crept up so close it's making me a little nervous. Thank goodness we have a most capable committee! A big part of what makes this event fun is that we make themed baskets - some are huge - with primarily donated items, which are then raffled off. We do a silent auction as well. I try to donate a basket for the raffle each year with at least one home sewn item. Last year a woman close to the organization died of breast cancer, so in her memory I made a basket with items that all raised money for breast cancer research. I found fabric that was specific to the cause, and made an apron, a microwaveable hot pack filled with rice, along with a few other items. One of my dearest friends won the basket!
The apron was similar to this one:

This year my donated basket will have a sewing theme. My intention is to pick up an 'entry level', basic sewing machine and a few essential sewing tools [read = seam ripper] along with perhaps a sewing kit, i.e., an apron pattern and appropriate fabric. I have an extra copy of a sewing book with patterns included that will also go in. Tell me if I'm missing anything! I think that there are enough young women interested in sewing these days that it will be a popular basket. Last week I saw some decent looking, good brand name machines in the Walmart ad in the Sunday paper. I haven't had a chance to check on our new Walmart to see if the fabric and sewing area has returned, so I can do both things on that trip.

The cause we support is one that benefits children, with >99% of the proceeds of our event going directly to programs or physical facility improvements for the kids. It makes October ruthlessly busy, but it is completely worth all the effort and craziness.

I would LOVE to make an outfit for the event, preferably pants and a glitzy top. I fractured my foot, and primarily live in sneakers with orthotics these days (it was that or the dreaded 'boot'). By early November, I should be able to handle a normal flat shoe for an evening, but heels are out I'm afraid.

So I'm thinking something like this:

I like the wider pant leg, as it helps to even out my voluptuous hips. The top is the basic idea I'm looking for - simple, no frills, but I will probably change the sleeves. Not sure how, still have to play around with that. The goal is for the outfit to look dressy, but be practical. It is always a busy night.

I have a shimmery fabric in stash for the top that is described as plum, but the silver metallic threads running through it lighten it considerably. If I do go with this, I need to get some fabric for black pants. I'm thinking I need to pay Marisu (the local designer & fabric maven) a visit to see what she's got in store.

Also on my sewing radar, the Style Arc Linda pants have received lots of attention lately, and seem to fit almost everybody with little alteration.
I really want to make a pair for sporty wear (to go with my mandatory un-pretty footwear. Those may have to wait until post-event, though.

I have yet another J. Stern Designs Tee 90% completed, but in a fabric I'm not lovin'. It's a poly knit from Gorgeous Fabrics that seems to snag easily on the dry skin of my hands. It is very lightweight, and I may have to wear a cami under it, but it is a great color. I will post when I finish this tee, not to be redundant, but because I relaxed the fit of this tee below the bust while taking in the high chest area. I think it will be worth another post.

It's almost Monday already! Monday promises to bring with it lots of work that I must catch up on, yuck, but alas, it is a necessary evil. Since we are officially into Autumn, maybe I will take a few minutes to tuck away the summery decor and pull out a couple of autumn looking things. We had glorious weather this weekend to usher in the season, and we are actually sleeping with open windows, a real treat here. I truly hope your week is a wonderful one, filled with lots of sewing and other good stuff.


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  1. Wow you are busy. It is so good of you to sew for your fund raising event. I love that New Look Pattern. The sparkly top sounds like a great idea. You are right about the pants. Proportion is everything. Now get busy!


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