Friday, November 11, 2011

B5666, WIP

Butterick's See & Sew 5666 is an easy pattern with 4 pieces: front, back, and the two pieces for the two-part sleeve. It is a cardigan with a shawl collar, open in the front. There are no reviews on PR as of yet, but there are several similar patterns out right now. I had good intentions of whipping this up today, but you know what they say about good intentions, right?

In my recently delivered brown box of goodies was a beautiful Ponte knit in a gorgeous shade of teal from Marci Tilton. It's a lighter weight but better quality Ponte than the off white one from Hancock's that I made into a top last week. It's lighter weight and better drape makes it perfect for this loose, open cardigan pattern.

This afternoon I read over the instructions and checked the tissue for finished pattern sizes before deciding upon a size to make. I could fit into the medium, but this is designed with a lot of ease. It is supposed to be loose and flowing, so I opted for the large. I'm thinking that will give me the option of wearing a sweater or long sleeved blouse underneath.

I went ahead and cut the large, and opted not to trace off the pattern. It is so cheap that if I want to make another size, I'd rather just spend the few bucks than the time tracing. Then my people all arrived home with designs on going out to dinner. I gave in since I was tired, but we kept it casual since I was schlumping it today. The restaurant, although not busy, was slow as molasses service wise, cutting into sewing time.

Back home, the Verizon folks were working hard at restoring our connection to the outside world. We've had no TV/phone/Internet for the last couple days because the contractors next door were kind enough to slice and dice our buried fios cables to bit 'n pieces. We were happy to see the Verizon folks.

Now since we had Internet back, I took the opportunity to set up my new iPhone, a recent gift to myself. See, I'm at that special age when the poking and prodding types of medical testing occurs on a regular basis. (Not to worry - no Katie Couricesque videos here, promise.) I needed a little incentive for this round of prodding and the lovely preparation that precedes said prodding, and a new gadget was just the thing. Enter the iPhone 4s. It actually came early. The scheduled delivery was early next week, on prodding day, so I was pleasantly surprised.

After playing with my new toy sucked more sewing time, I headed up to the studio after a diversion to the laundry room to switch loads. So, you have all seen the commercials about the new iPhone with "Siri", right? Well, DD sat on the daybed in the studio talking to Siri while watching tv. It was way too much going on for my tired brain tonight, so I threw in the towel. I try to resist the urge to finish a project when I'm tired, for fear of ruining good fabric. I opted instead to lay on DD's bed with her and talk to Siri. We laughed hysterically and acted silly - it was fun.

So, tomorrow I have a loooooonnnnng list of chores to finish before sewing can commence, an elderly family member will be here all morning, then DD and I have flu shots and manicures scheduled in the afternoon. After that I'm going to try to whip this up - it should take less than an hour if I have p & q. No promises though.;-)

I'm excited about our little cold front coming through tonight. I can hear the rain that ushers in the cold hitting the window with occasional mini gusts. It's supposed to dip into the upper 40's tonight, with a mid 60's high Friday. Sounds perfect.

Hope your sewing is more productive than mine has been lately!

Be well and enjoy your weekend,



  1. I just finished a See & Sew pattern B5275. See here:

    I think Crystal would love this!!


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