Monday, November 28, 2011

My Style Arcs Arrived!

I cannot believe how fast my Style Arc order arrived from Australia.  I was really thinking it would take a few more days.  Can't wait to dig in to the pile.  Not sure which one will be first, but I am leaning toward the Linda Pants.  I've been wanting to sew them since the first review I read.  The note with the patterns said that their "aim is to give you an industry based pattern that is easy to follow but has the look of a ready to wear garment.

On the top of the pile is the *free pattern, the Adele top, which Shams just made recently.  Her Adele top is so cute, and I love the fabric she chose.  I like the idea of the free pattern - it lessens the pain of the shipping cost to the US from Australia.   I have been hearing such good things about Style Arc, so I took the plunge.  I love the way they are packaged in sheet protectors.  They will fit nicely into a 3 ring binder.

I've got stuff to do before I can sew, so.... until next time!

Be well,



  1. Have never tried Style Arc patterns - and I live in Australia!!! Looking forward to ALLLLLL of your reviews. This lot should keep you very busy for awhile...

  2. I'll be placing an order next month with my anticipated Chritsmas money. And I to am eager to try those same pants. Loks like Santa came to your house early this year:-)


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