Saturday, November 12, 2011

See & Sew B5666 Review and Pictures

This evening I sewed up this easy knit pattern that I cut out yesterday.  

B5666:  Very loose fitting misses' cardigan with shawl collar. For moderate stretch knits only.
Sizing:  XS through XXL  I made a large, view B with long sleeves.
Fabric: Ponte knit from Marci Tilton's web site.  It is light weight with a great drape, soft and comfortable to wear, and a dream to sew.
Thread:  Poly serger thread with Wooly Nylon in the upper looper for the serger, cotton thread on the regular sewing machine.

This cardi is very easy to sew, just 4 pieces.  The sleeve consists of two pieces, with the seam running down the outside of the arm.  The shawl collar is continuous with the front pattern piece.  The two front pieces are sewn together at the top of the shawl collar, which becomes the center back.  The sleeves are pieced together, then attached to the back. The trickiest part is attaching the front part of the sleeve to the collar and armscye.  It is not difficult, you just have to match everything up, do a little clipping & easing, and take this part slowly.  It's just an odd angle.  I reinforced the stitching in this area.  The sleeves end up being sewn into the armscye in two parts, all in the flat.  The sides and underarms are sewn in a continuous seam. An acute angle design feature is formed where the front and back pieces are joined at the bottom sides.

Since this is a knit, hemming is not absolutely necessary, but I prefer it hemmed.  There is a whole lot to hem on this cardi - you have to hem all the way around the garment.  That was a little tedious.  I used a 5/8" narrow hem, but I think a rolled hem would be a great option here.  I was using black thread on teal as I had no teal thread.  If I had matching thread, I may have finished it with a rolled hem.

The fit is generous.  I made no pattern adjustments, just cut a straight large.  I could have gotten away with a medium, but the cardi is designed to be loose fitting.  It is long as well.  I'm tall, and I like the length.  If you are shorter than maybe 5'6", I'd recommend shortening the pattern.  Overall it is comfortable, and looks like the pattern picture and drawing.

One thing to keep in mind if intending to sew this pattern, is that the wrong side of the fabric shows due to the nature of the style.  If I would change anything about this pattern, it would be to give it a facing at the shawl collar so that the hemming does not show if you fold the collar down/out.  It is not a deal breaker the way it is, but I think facing this area would refine the look somewhat, and add a little weight there.

I think I will get a ton of wear from this cardi.  It will be great on chilly mornings to wear for the morning school drop off run, and will fit over sweaters easily for cool days.  I can see myself wearing this around the house a lot.

I have no intentions of making this pattern again.  There are several patterns currently on the market in a similar style.  Some I've seen have some different design features, which would be nice for variety.  That said, I do recommend this pattern for a quick and easy cardigan.

Pretty roomy under the arm.

Inside center back of shawl collar - french seamed, as this may show if folded down.

Not the best pics... cell phone at night... I will try for some daytime pics soon.

Have a great weekend!



  1. This looks SO good on you! Is it just that I love the color, or does it really flatter you that nicely?

    I think I need to post a Great. Big. Note. in my sewing room about choosing the right fabric for those patterns that have both sides showing. It continually gets me in trouble, and of course, is rarely mentioned in the pattern. Not just about any hemming that might show, but the WS/RS of the fabric being obvious.

  2. very helpful info about this pattern. i bought it today and was looking at a great sweater knit that probably won't work...the backside would show and it is a pattern on front.
    thanks for the review.


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