Thursday, November 17, 2011

Silhouette #3400 Three Piece Yoga Pant

Sewing time has been limited lately, so I pulled this quickie out of the line up of 'patterns I really want to sew and have fabric matched to the pattern' pile. I retreated to the studio to cut and sew after a late dinner and dishes were done (urgh...broken dishwasher..). It was maybe 8:30 when I pulled out the pattern and fabric. I'd say from that point to try on it took 2 hours, including a couple loads of laundry and some minor interruptions. So, a quickie.

This was my very first Silhouette pattern. I've been wanting to make these yoga pants for a while - I love this type of pant. I was a bit perplexed by the garment measurements on this pattern, and maybe I'll post about that tomorrow in the light of day with the pattern in front of me.

Anyhow I chose to make a 14w. I made them 100% by serger using wooly nylon in the upper looper. My fabric - 'Performance fabric' from Hancock's with about 50% stretch. Typically for pants I would go for a weightier fabric, but this was on sale a while back, and it's good enough to try the pattern out.

I loved the ease of construction, easy, larger print directions, good diagrams, and clear instructions.

No particular dislikes.

The fit: I found on the 14w that the pant waist was high - about an inch above my waist. I didn't measure the crotch depth in the pattern, but tomorrow hopefully I'll have time to take some measurements. The crotch length seemed perfect for me with no adjustments at all.
I'd say the pants fit quite well overall, but a little too well. Ahem. As in show every bump well. So, there will be no full frontal nor full back views. But I will show you the lower leg. In my mind, this was going to be wider at the ankle, but I'm thinking now that is because the model on the pattern is so slender. The pattern does state the width of the lower pant leg quite clearly. I don't dislike it, but when I take another look at these, I will decide if I want to widen the leg. The inseam was in the neighborhood of 33" prior to hemming. These aren't hemmed, just folded up.

I think my main issue with the fit is that they are intended to fit slightly looser through the hip than I made them, and also my fabric is a little lighter weight than my rtw pants of a similar vein. The pattern goes about sizing in a different way than what I have seen, and it will take a little getting used to.

These are very comfortable and wearable as long as I am at home, or have on a long tunic/cardi. I fully intend on giving these another go after evaluating the fit and size choice a bit further. Stay tuned for more on this pattern soon.

It's officially past my bedtime, so until next time, happy sewing!


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