Sunday, January 15, 2012

Simplicity 2317 & A Fleece Remnant

Thank you to those who left such nice comments to my previous post. I truly appreciate your kind words. It has been a very busy month so far, and January is half over, can you believe it? I finally got some much needed sewing time in Saturday night.

I find being in my studio, whether alone, joined by the ever faithful Crystal, or joined by my sweet daughter, it is time well spent and goes a long way toward relieving the stresses of life. Do you find yourself feeling more relaxed after sewing for a bit?

Since it's the new year, I promised myself to get through the pile of mending cluttering up the studio. It consisted mostly of the hubby's dress shirts and pants. After that was all finished, I pulled out a remnant of plaid fleece that I had in the stash. The fleece is from Hancock's - one day not long ago I ran in for something else and spotted this on the $1.99 table. It's been pretty chilly here in FL (seriously) and I've been wanting to make us all some PJ pants. Simplicity 2317 was waiting in the queue, a perfect little match.

Waistband rolled down twice.
This is a quickie, 1 hour from cutting to pictures. I didn't have enough fabric to accurately match the plaid, so just did the best I could. The fabric was not prewashed, but poly fleece doesn't shrink, so I whipped it up and washed it afterwards.

Simplicity 2317 consists of a traditional PJ set for men or women, a longer nightshirt, a tee shirt, and a cute misses' tank and shorts PJ set. A lot of options in one pattern (a 99 cent bargain!), and I can see myself making the nightshirt at some point.

For the pants, view C, I cut an XL, because these are supposed to be for the hubs. There's not much to say about these - they are your basic 2 piece pant pattern. I sewed the elastic to the inside top of the waistband using a zig-zag stitch (because I didn't feel like rethreading my serger), then turned down and zig-zag stitched it in place, of course stretching the elastic while sewing both steps. I have no idea what the instructions say to do - I didn't look at them, but I like this method, especially when the stitching won't show.

The pattern envelope states the pants are intended to be worn 2" blow the waist. I took an inch off the top of the waist after constructing the pants but before applying the elastic.  Even with an inch removed, they are at my waist, and although I didn't measure my husband, he prefers to wear his PJ pants low.  They are too big and too long for me, as they are intended for the hubs, but they are so very comfortable. I gave them a test run last night after they came out of the dryer, and wore them to bed.  I will definitely be making this pattern again.

I think the last time I sewed for my husband, other than mending, it was many, many moons ago - perhaps in the late 80's?  It feels good to have cleared out the mending he has been waiting so patiently for me to do, and to whip up a pair of PJ pants for him.  I might even let him wear them.  ;)

Rolled down twice, the pants are now about 2 inches below my waist.

Rear view, waistband rolled.  Isn't that one happenin' hairdo?

Waistband not rolled.  When I make these for me, I will chop  more off the top and taper in from hip to waist on both sides. 
That's all for today!  Happy sewing,



  1. Good for you for getting the mending done. My plan has always been to keep it hidden until the family member forgets about, outgrows it, or it goes out of style.
    I love your lumberjack plaid pjs. I find no matter what pattern company it is, I always have to take at least an inch and a half off the waist length.

    Glad you are feeling well enough to get back to the studio.

    1. Thanks, Janlynn, I am glad to be sewing again! Hubby finally tried on the pants and has been wearing them ever since. They are even slightly high waisted on him, and the waist could be a bit more snug, but overall, he likes them. In fact, they instantly induced a nap!

  2. Nothing better than a quick pair of PJ's after all that mending - least that chore is now ticked off the list!
    I use to sew for hubby a fair bit, and then along came the kids...

  3. Same here, Doobee, the kid's sewing always seems to take priority.

  4. I love making PJ pants. Those looked so cute on you :-)

    Stopping by from Sew Many Ways linky party and your newest follower. I will be making my husband some new lounge pants and will be making those soon. I also left you a message on a prior post you wrote.

    1. I love Karen's weekly linky party - so many beautiful things and great ideas. Thank you for becoming a follower, I hope you enjoy the blog.

      The PJ pants look even cuter on my hubby, for whom they were intended! ;)

  5. Hi Andrea - nice to meet you! Nothing better than warm and cosy track pants - great job!


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