Friday, January 20, 2012


Happy Friday! This having been one most hellatious week, I am so glad it is the weekend. I am planning on spending a good chunk of it sewing. Other than my walking buddy, husband, and daughter, I won't be answering my phone. Hibernation is the theme this weekend. Not sure what I'll be sewing. I'm feeling like a heavy sweater or coat - I saw one Neiman Marcus Last Call online that really caught my eye:

Something along these lines would be great for a trip we are taking next month up north. I love the neck on this sweater - it looks so cozy. Any suggestions for a pattern? I can't think of anything offhand, so I'll have to do some searching.

I really just need to spend some time in the studio and see what inspires me. My husband just walked in with his fleece PJ pants I made him, and asked if I could make three more for him. I guess that means he likes them. :)

Have a wonderful weekend,



  1. I love that jacket!!! I think you could knock it off by altering a basic shawl collar jacket with one side extended, and change the shape of the collar.

    V8775 could be a possibilty
    Butterick 5689 is different, but has similarities.

    I hope you try it; I think it's stunning!

    1. Isn't it cool? The price tag is insane, though. On sale it's over 300 smackers.
      I love V8775! I may make that one as is. I had been looking at B 5689 also, but wasn't sold on it. The sweater above reminds me of something Marci Tilton would design.

  2. Enjoy your weekend, even if it is making hubby's PJ's...

  3. Thanks, Doobee, if I make 3 pair, he'll be sharing!


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