Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Already?

Hello bloggy friends! February is upon us, which means beautiful sunny days in my part of the world. February was a tough month for me growing up in NW PA, as the sun didn't shine much, often for weeks on end. Or so it seemed. If you are reading this from somewhere cold and gray, I feel for you! {{Scroll to the bottom for a little inspiration.}}

February also brings my birthday. Another year older, hopefully a little wiser. Yesterday, my daughter made me breakfast. It may seem unusual, but fits right in with my eating habits. It was an egg baked in half an avocado - delish!

They call this a 'slice'. In the afternoon we went to see a 'scary' move, "The Woman in Black". Then it was off to dinner for some wonderful pasta and chocolate cake. Would you look at this cake? We brought home tons of leftovers, for the day after my birthday present of not having to cook.

Sewing you ask? Why yes, I've done a tad, and I do mean a tad. As posted earlier, hubs asked for more PJ pants in fleece. I had some red fleece from Hancock's in the stash. I actually have a good bit of it because I had a couple projects planned for this. It is rather $$ fleece, the M'Liss Kasmir Fleece in red. I've never used it in the past, but liked the softness and sturdiness of the fabric. Well, I am so glad I bought it on sale and had a coupon, because the bolt was flawed. It's got some strange lines running the length of the fabric. Don't have the receipt, either, so I cut PJ pants fom it. It's so comfy, but strangely, the fleece frays at he cut edge. I serged the whole thing, so no big deal, but I'm not used to fleece fraying.

So, without further ado, here is the only picture I have of them. They are for the hubs, but I had to test them, of course!
I took this shot to show how wide the leg is on these pants, Simplicity 2317. It's the same pattern I made here.

No other sewing projects have been begun recently, except in my head, lol. I am anxiously still awaiting one of my Christmas presents - ordered two days after Christmas. I expected it to take three weeks tops, and have emailed the company and called twice. They keep saying it's almost done. My credit card was charged on Jan 31, but no shipping notice yet. It is freakin' killing me, I tell you! It's killing me because it's a professional dress form! I wish they would have kept me up to date regarding the delays, and I hope it is worth the wait. I chose one that I can hopefully use for both DD and me with adjustments. But, more on that later......

I don't know what got into me, but I wasn't feeling the layout in my studio. So today I tore it apart. I was feeling like I needed to reorganize and do some purging. I get antsy if things are disorganized or out of place. So here is the mess I created today, while I had the hubs home to help with the heavy stuff.

Guess what I'm doing while waiting for my dress form?

Oh, and as promised:
I shot this with my phone while getting in a walk on the beach last weekend. It's pretty gorgeous this time of year!

Wishing you all lots of sunshine and good sewing time!


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  1. Maybe my taste buds are as weird as yours, but that avo/egg dish makes my mouth water!


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