Friday, March 16, 2012

Beach Blogging

Hi y'all. I've got to say, there are some clear benefits to living in the Sunshine State, so close to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Or at least in the country. Every time I come out to the beach I wonder why I'm not here at least once a week. (Until reality sinks in.)

This afternoon my daughter begins spring break. I love spring break because it is a beautiful time of year here. Not crazy hot yet, but sunny and breezy. Just right.

This afternoon I picked up one of my girl's best buds, who is at the end of her spring break (different schools), then we grabbed my girl from school and headed to the beach.

The girls went off down the beach to enjoy the surf, and I am soaking up the rays. Albeit the post 5pm rays, with hat and sunscreen, but rays none the less.

On the sewing front, I've worn the heck out of my new Style Arc Sailor Sue pants. So comfy, and I love them, but they will need to be taken in at the waist. I'm thinking a waistband. I've read the few reviews on Pattern Review, and noticed that Shams (I'll post a link later) added a waistband to hers. I will draft one or steal one from the Silhouette Yoga pants pattern. Or the SA Linda pants pattern.

Anyway, I don't have to order Navy Ponte for my next pair of SS pants, because I found some in the stash (yay!). It's a little beefier than the black one I used the other day. It's from Emma One Sock, and feels wonderful. I am so looking forward to sewing up the Navy SS pants this weekend.

I actually mistook the black Ponte as being from a Marci Tilton order, but I found my label on a selvedge scrap of the fabric, which is my usual system. It's a Hancock fabric, poly/rayon/Lycra, I believe. I hope it holds up, but if not. nbd, it's easy to whip out a new pair.

Currently on my cutting table is a lovely Chico's print knit fabric, just a scant yard. I took my J. Stearns T and transmogrified it. A while ago I added more room through the front belly area using Jennifer's tutorial on her website. I also did an FBA at that time, and took in the neckline a bit, just in the front. I merged the upper side front with the center front, and redrafted the piece as one. I actually wanted to split it down the center and create a placket, but I don't have enough fabric for the layout. I can barely squeeze the sleeves onto the fabric as it is. But I think I can make the upper part as one fit. I've pinned it all on my pinnable work surface, but not cut yet. It was late and I didn't want to cut until I looked at it with fresh eyes. I'll take pictures of my transmogrifications when I'm home and getting ready to cut.

We have 2 glorious weeks of break ahead. Later in the week we are going to Cleveland (to the Clinic) and Erie for a couple days. (I know, backwards, right?) We are visiting my Comara's family (Her 80 something, sweet, dear dad broke his hip a few weeks ago.) We will get in a quick visit with family also, and then upon return to our beautiful home state, we are planning a few days away at the beach.

Alright, time to get back to my seagull dodging and wave watching. Have a beautiful weekend! I hope the sun is shining warmly on you wherever you call home.


ps. My Meyer Lemon Tree is blooming and smelling luscious, hence the picture of the little blooms.

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