Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sewing Interrupted

Life is busy, it seems, for most people in my generation, the "sandwich generation" if you will. (And I don't mean eating sandwiches.) The pull in different directions can be challenging at times. Many of my friends who are age contemporaries are having similar experiences with aging parents, kids in college, etc.

One of the things we do to make everyday life a little easier is to cook in batches when I am feeling up to it. We are trying, as a family, to eat well and eat out less. To do that, preparation is key. Yesterday was a prep and cook day. We grilled Italian sausages, peppers, chicken thighs, chicken breasts, and turkey breasts. We use the latter in place of smoked pork in greens, beans, soups, etc. I freeze them in small portions after cooking until needed.

I also make an Eggplant Lasagna type of dish - sort of Rollatini, but flat and layered. It's my own made up thing - maybe I will post the recipe later. I slice the eggplant thinly, lengthwise, on a mandolin. It gets layered with Ricotta cheese, parmesan or romano cheese, fresh spinach, sauce, and is finished with fresh Mozzarella.

Yesterday I had begun the dish, and needed to slice some more eggplant, but the troops were hungry, so I put it off until after dinner. And after a cat nap after dinner. I awoke with a start, and before I was fully awake, and without using the proper guard for the mandolin, started slicing the eggplant, and yep, you guessed it....

I will spare you the gory details in case that sort of thing bothers any of you. But seriously, folks, this is the first time in my life anything involving blood has ever made me weak in the knees, and trust me when I say I've seen plenty.

I immediately grabbed a towel, and in a quiet voice, called for my husband. (The quiet voice - that's when they know something is wrong...) Hubs and DD peeked over the balcony, saw me sitting speechless with a towel covering my hand, and came running downstairs. My husband immediately went to work applying pressure bandages control the sanguinous flow. My daughter made me a stiff drink and a bag of ice. ;)

I am now missing two fingertips and two partial nails and nail beds on my dominant hand. Lets just say there is nothing left to stitch up!

Morals of the story: 1) Always use the guard on a slicer. 2) Never use a slicer when you are tired or groggy.

Sewing will resume as healing allows, but at least I have a 'get out of KP' free card. Meantime, I will derive vicarious pleasure from blog reading, and seeing your fabulous creations.

Happy sewing,



  1. Ow Ow Ow Ow OW!!!!!

    Oh gosh, I'm sorry, that's just my reaction, & I fear it's not very helpful....I'm weak in the knees just READING it!

    Here's to speedy healing...and you have my permission to embellish the heck out of this story as the years go by & you explain your shortened fingertips.....

  2. OMG I am so sorry-that must have been hideously scary. You are really lucky you have your fingers!! Heal fast and enjoy being babied by your family as you recover.


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