Sunday, March 4, 2012

Style Arc Patterns Creative Cate Top

A while back when I ordered some Style Arc patterns, I received 'Creative Cate' as a freebie.  I'd seen some reviews on Pattern Review that were favorable, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Digging through the stash, I found a piece of fabric that I had failed to label (or the label fell off - who knows!).  The fabric is a pretty red color - a lightweight knit with moderate recovery.  It feels like a rayon knit, but is too light for me to comfortably wear, unless I layered it over a cami.  At any rate, I thought it perfect for a wearable muslin, especially since I had my doubts about this pattern working for me.

My suspicions were correct.  Creative Cate is a cute top, but is not for me.  My dislike lies in the shape of the  shoulder and neck area.  It is no fault of the pattern, and on some women looks great.

I sewed this pattern without alterations, but in a different order than listed on the pattern, because I wanted to use a coverstitch to hem the sleeves.  I also coverstitched the shoulder seams and the bottom hem.  This fabric and the Babylock didn't play perfectly well together in a few spots.  Lightweight knits can be challenging that way.

Anyhow, here is Creative Cate:

Next up is Style Arc's Sailor Sue pants.  Maybe tonight, if this cuppa joe I'm drinking perks me up.  ;)

I'm wishing tomorrow was yet another weekend day.  I sure could use another!  How about you - ready for Monday???

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  1. The colour and style of your new top look nice on your dress form so I`m sorry it didn`t work out for you but it is always good to try new styles esp since the pattern was free. Hopefully someone else will like this top.


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