Saturday, March 10, 2012

Style Arc Sailor Sue Palazo Pant, P015

Sailor Sue and I are going to be good friends. She calls herself a 'Palazo Pant'. I won't argue with her - she can call herself whatever she wants - but most 'Palazo Pants' I've seen are pretty wide at the bottom. Wider than Sue. But I think Sue's bottom leg width is just right.

You see, as much as I love a beautiful high heel shoe, truth is, they don't play well with my feet. A really full Palazo Pant looks great with a heel, but since I will get more wear out of Sailor Sue if she is ready to go for flats, her leg width is just right pour moi. Perfect width to work with flats. Here is a crappy night time cell phone pic before hemming, with flats.

So, here is the low down on Sailor Sue.

Fabric: A lightweight Ponte from (I think) Marci Tilton. In black - my favorite color for bottoms. Sews like a dream, very comfortable to wear.

Size and Alterations: Size 16 - no alterations.

Pattern Details: Sue is a super basic, but well drafted pattern designed for stretch knits, with an elastic waistband. The pattern is drafted on heavy, white paper, as all SA's are, and comes in one size per envelope. The markings are clear. The instructions are brief, as with all SA patterns. A small fabric sample square is included.

Construction Details: No big surprises here. Inseams, crotch curve, outer seams, waistband elastic, and hem. I sewed Sue entirely on my serger, with the exception of the elastic. I found I was out of the 1/2" elastic that the pattern called for, but had plenty of black FOE (fold-over elastic). I sewed a circle with the FOE, divvied it up into quarters, and applied to the waistband with a narrow zig-zag stitch. My unfolded FOE was 5/8", folded it was slightly wider than 1/4". This worked well, and made for a simple, neat waistband. I coverstitched the hems. I just love my Babylock.

Fit: Lovely. Perfect crotch length. Seriously - with no alterations Sue fit me right out of the envelope. How nice is that?? Before I made her up, I took some quick flat pattern measurements, so I didn't have another Linda. No muslin, though. The one alteration I may need to do is taper the waist in slightly, but I want to wash and wear them a couple times before I decide.

Will I sew this pattern again? You bet! I want a pair in Navy. I also have some cheaper knits that aren't fabulous in quality, but would make good lounge/pj pants, so I may whip those out. They will actually be a good medium to experiment with the waistband. I may borrow a waistband from Silhouette #3400, the Yoga Pant, and try it on a pair of these, if the mood strikes.

Sailor Sue is a winner in my book. Night time pictures of black pants don't convey all that well, but I'll try to get some 'modeled' pictures in daylight.

Just a note about my fingers: Ouchie. The wounds look good, but are still very tender. The good news is, I can sew even with bulky bandages on my ring finger and pinky - yay!

Happy sewing!



  1. Those look wonderful. I have been avoiding my "Brown pant project" because..... Anyway, yours look so good and I am happy to hear you are healing fast.

  2. Those trousers look great! They will be a very useful addition to your wardrobe, I'm sure!
    I'm glad your fingers are healing. Finger injuries are always so terribly painful, because of all those nerve endings in your fingertips. But how wonderful that you can still do a bit of sewing!

  3. They look wonderful on you, cant wait to see the Navy pair.


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