Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Fitting Journey: Part Two and a Half

So, I went back to the work table and retraced the front pieces using Swedish tracing paper, which I then basted together on the sewing machine.  So much easier than pins.

Let's look at some pictures again, ok?  (These are prior to any alterations.) Click to enlarge pictures.

Basted front pieces on my DF.  Princess seam lying in the right spot, CF lined up and pinned.

1" lateral difference in pattern apex vs. my apex.  My apex is right on the seam line.  Fancy that.  Also shows inter-apex measurement so I can compare to pattern.

Hip lays nicely at side seam, bust and armscye - not so much.  This is saying, 'Give me a full bust adjustment.'

Check this out!  I think I need to adjust the shoulder line.

Which got me thinking.  Hubs took this picture for me.  My shoulders are a tad uneven, and the left is more sloped than the right.  Hmmm.

Thoughts & comments always appreciated.

I think that's it for today.  I've got to get ready for Monday, tidy up the house a bit, and tend to the laundry.  I'm hoping to have more time for alterations tomorrow night.

Bye for now,


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