Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Home Dec Fabric Shopping: Master Suite Draperies

One of my most favorite places to shop here in town is Boca Bargoons. It is a huge store that sells gorgeous, high end, home dec fabrics at a discount.  {Think kid in a candy store!}This week they are having a sale - 30% off the already discounted prices, plus a coupon for an additional 10%. That adds up to a serious discount when it comes to home dec fabrics.  I've purchased many a roll of fabric there, including this Brunschwig & Fils fabric (scroll down) that I used in my daughter's bathroom.

The first picture below is the top contender.  I am going for calm, something that will work with brown (comforter) and a deep beige (walls), and white (trim & blinds), that also had the shade of blue that was my inspiration (see second picture).  There is also enough green in it for the hubs to like it, and indeed I got a thumbs up from him today when I emailed him the picture.

The picture above is a tray containing my samples.  Click to enlarge, as usual.  The sample in the upper right corner is the fabric I fell in love with some time ago. I've been holding on to for a good while, waiting for the right time to undertake a big project.  This particular fabric is no longer available, but the color serves as my inspiration for the room.

The walls are painted "Thunder Bay" by Ralph Lauren.  Ralph Lauren Home.  It is in their "Lifestyle" line of colors, Thoroughbred division.  My cell phone pic below does not truly capture the color.

I think the wall color and the curtain fabric will look great together, don't you? One of the challenges when decorating a master suite for a husband and wife is to make it appealing to both partners without it being overly feminine or overly masculine.  Wasn't there an HGTV show about that at one time?  I believe I have found a good mix.

Anyhow, I've been waiting for a) the right time (ie, having the time), and b) a sale! to buy my bedroom curtain fabric.  The stars aligned this week, and both things came to bear.  We managed, just today, to get some affairs settled for some elder family members that will free up my time and energies a good deal.

I know home dec doesn't get everyone's juices flowing like it does mine, but I love large scale decorating projects involving sewing.  It is much easier than garment sewing - heck, how hard is it to fit a rectangle?  It is an instant gratification thing that I get to look at every day.  It works for me. ;)

Currently, there is a shoulder princess seamed shirt pattern on my worktable that I've traced and tissue fitted, and need to alter.  (Yep, sewing clothes gets my juices flowing also!) I've only had a few minutes each evening to work on it, but I am plugging away.  I'd like to get that done before I begin the bedroom curtains.  More on the shirt progress later in the week.

Now I am off to measure my windows and calculate yardage.  Tomorrow morning, before anything else can get in my way, I am off to buy fabric.  {{{Happiness!}}}

I hope you are all feeling your own happiness tonight!  Thanks for stopping by,


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