Monday, April 2, 2012


Not sure where my head was when I last posted, but I just noticed I left out the picture of the actual Singer Buttonholer Attachment......... So, without further ado:

The white knob, turned clockwise, controls the position of the rectangular piece  at the front that holds the fabric.

Ta da!

Seriously, when I bought my sweet little Featherweight, I looked at this attachment dubiously.  I should not have doubted.  It is truly a nifty device.

Last week when we were up in Erie, we set Lena and Frank up on Skype.  Last night they Skyped me for the first time!  I was so excited.  You have to understand, they are in their mid 80's.  They loved it as much as I did. They got to see and talk to the hubby, who was not able to travel with us.

I got to show Lena her new duster, which she loved.  She opted for a zipper closure rather than buttons, so no fun with the buttonholer today.  It's all about what works for the person receiving the garment, right?!  I also showed her the fabric I picked out for the next one, which she loved also.  I hope to finish her duster tonight and get it mailed tomorrow.  Then if I need to make fit adjustments, I will do so before I make another.

Back to work now - gotta get the boring stuff out of the way so I can sew, y'know!

Happy Monday,


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