Saturday, June 23, 2012

Burda 7208

Here in my corner of the world, it's been a perfect rainy day, and very productive.  Among all the things I accomplished today, sewing a ~ very simple ~ skirt was among them.  Sewing this skirt involved two firsts for me:  my first Burda pattern (really), and my first time sewing an ITY knit.  

I have no explanation why I've not previously sewn a Burda.  Availability, perhaps?  Now that they are sold on the Simplicity website, they are easier to obtain.  I do know why I've never sewn an ITY knit, though.  ITY knits come in a wide variety of patterns, and I gravitate toward solids.  I'm trying to branch out a bit, and loved the colors and print on this fabric from Fabric Mart.  I believe it was a Julie's Pick fabric, called Paintbrush Swirls.


I enjoyed sewing with this fabric - it was easy to work with, both cutting and sewing.   Care is easy as well, wash & wear, no pressing.  I see more ITY knits in my future.

As far as the pattern is concerned, it does not get any easier than this skirt.  There is one pattern piece for the skirt, which is a rectangle that you cut two of on the fold.  I serged up the side seams, then made a casing on regular sewing machine.  The pattern calls for 1 1/4" (3cm) elastic, but I had 1".  I didn't like this size, as this long skirt felt like it needed a heftier elastic.  I sewed a double row of basting stitches, gathered up the waist, then attached an elastic waistband I had made out of 2 1/2 inch elastic (the type that is made to show, and has a small ruffled area where it is sewnto your skirt).  It's really comfortable, and gives a smoother look at the waist.  

As of yet, I have not hemmed the skirt.  Do you hem your knit garments? I typically do, but I'm not sure if I will on my skirt.  

This pattern includes pants and a really cute top.  I plan to make the sleeveless version of the top.  Not sure if I'll have enough of this fabric for the top, but I'm sure I have something in the stash that will work with the skirt.  For pictures, I threw on one of my favorite black tees.


What do I like about this skirt?

1) It is super comfortable.

2) I like the fullness/swishyness when I walk.

3) I like the length - perfect for keeping the legs comfortable in overly air-conditioned restaurants.  

4) Wearable with both casual heels/wedges and flats (although something snazzier in a flat is needed!)

5) It is a quick sew.  This has a low effort to high reward ratio.  This would be a perfect pattern for someone newer to sewing who wants to venture into knits.  


They were fine, and presented in a few languages.  I skimmed through them, more to see what Burda instructions were like.  I found the print to be small for my presbyopic eyes!  I wonder if there is a Reader's Digest version?  When I make the top, for which I will need the directions, I will be better able to judge the thoroughness of the directions.

So now, completely unrelated to sewing, I must comment on one of my other hobbies: cooking.  In the States (and perilously close to us) we have a restaurant/chophouse called Fleming's.  It is usually our restaurant of choice for birthdays and other special occasions.  They have this to-die-for side dish, Chipotle Mac & Cheese.  I found a copy-cat recipe online,   cut it in half, and significantly lightened the recipe.  I also used whole grain pasta.  It was divine, even in it's lightened state!  (Just writing about it makes me want to go nibble - which is why I made only half of the quantity.) I served it with Wild Alaskan Salmon and a salad.  Delish!  

Happy sewing,



  1. Super cute skirt!! I love a quick and easy knit project. I wonder if FabricMart still has some of that print... :)

    1. I just checked - they have it still listed in the Julie's Picks, showing 27.5 yards available. I'm guessing that it will move to regular sales at the end of June. I may need to order more if I don't have enough for my top.

  2. You have chosen well with the print - I am personally a print person and have to try to do the opposite and sew with solids. I just completed a knit cardy and used a blind hem stitch which worked really well .

    1. Thank you, Janine. I am trying to move my wardrobe slowly to a happy medium! We are in the throes of Tropical Storm Debby, so another good sewing day is ahead. I think I will rethread the serger and coverstitch the hem today.

  3. That recipe looks good. I was all excite and was going to try it, then I remembered I don't eat wheat any more. Can you tell it is only 5:30 am?

    I, like you don't sew with prints too often, why do you think you don't sew with prints more? I think it is because I can't visualize a garment from a print. Congrats on an easy, satisfying and cute project.

    1. What are you doing up so early on a weekend? It's raining cats and dogs here, perfect for a nice long 'lie-in' as my MIL would say.

      I think a big part of the lack of prints is that I dress conservatively, but also finding good quality prints. Subscribing to the swatch services has helped me find knits I like that are good quality.

      I'm so sorry you can't eat wheat!

  4. The skirt looks great. I really like it paired with those killer yellow shoes!!!

  5. What a great skirt! I love the fabric, it's beautiful! By the way, you look fabulous! Your hard work is paying off!!!


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