Sunday, June 3, 2012

Color Block: Yea or Nay?

Yea or Nay?  (Pink socks will not be part of the final outfit!)
Remember I said I needed a diversion from my shirt fitting journey? Well, this is it.

Next weekend I have an evening event coming up. I am one of the hosts, so I need something comfortable to wear, but still look nice. This event will be dressy, but not formal. In fact, with this crowd, we even get some people dressed on the casual side.

My family and I joined Weight Watchers Online recently (anyone looking for an online WW buddy?), and we have all been doing well on it. Since we are actively working on losing weight, I don't want to buy anything to wear, and I need something quickly.  So, I dug through my UFO's last night, and pulled out an unfinished skirt.

The fabric is really gorgeous, with a great hand/feel. I purchased this fabric about a year ago at a local fabric and couture dressmaking shop for a great price. (Myra, if your reading - I bought this at Marisu's) At the time, the intention for this fabric was a skirt for my daughter, however, she was not as in love with the fabric as I was - it was a feel thing. So I underlined it with black rayon Bemberg lining, and now it's even yummier feeling to me - but DD remained lukewarm, so unfinished it sat.  I had made a straight skirt without a pattern, with the plan being an elastic waist. Since DD is 5" shorter than me, the skirt was too short for me to comfortably wear, even if I attached a waistband.  

Necessity being the mother of invention, I drafted a yoke for the skirt, but...I don't have enough of the fabric for said yoke. Digging through the stash, I pulled out and auditioned some black fabrics. I decided upon a black stretch woven (bengaline) left over from another project. At the last minute, I decided to cut the yoke in the direction of stretch, rather than with the grain. This decision will cause me to modify the yoke by taking larger seam allowances, and possibly re-draft the back yoke. I am thinking of placing elastic at the top of the yoke, as sometimes seen in yoga pants, and if I remember correctly the Magic Pencil Skirt uses the method. It will be a no zipper, pull on skirt.

 With respect to the color blocking, my thoughts are 1) the black will be slimming right where I need it, and 2) I plan to wear a lacy black, semi-sheer top with the skirt, so having a black yoke will be a good underlayer for the black top, and not conflict visually.

 When you look at the picture above, the yoke is just pinned and I am holding up the skirt. There will be soft gathers on the skirt portion. The length will be mid-knee.

 So, any thoughts? Yea or nay on the color blocking UFO rescue?

 We will return to the regularly scheduled program soon. In the meantime, happy sewing! Andrea


  1. You have a thumbs up from me, and I'm not even that big a fan of color blocking. Mixing fabrics & textures? Yes. Big colorful Mondrian-type blocks of color? Not so much....

    I think this looks like a perfect solution for this skirt.

    1. Thanks, Jillian. I tend toward such conservative dress - color blocking isn't really my thing - I'm really rather boring in my dressing. (But I love to live vicariously through others, such as you, who make and wear really fun clothing, and my daughter who picked out bright pink suede pumps to wear to her honors ceremony with a Kelly green lace dress.).

  2. I agree! I like color blocking and this would be a great way to not only add style to this simple skirt, but as you stated, slimming as well! I say go for it!!

    1. Thanks Myra! Hey - now that it is summer, we should get together for lunch. :-D

  3. You have my permission to continue with the color blocking, 8-D. I feel that black socks would have accessorized the outfit better.

    I will be starting the WW food plan soon, but I am not going to go to meetings or weigh ins or pay. I have to get rid of the contraband in the house first, but it will be next week, sometime. I would love to have a online buddy, it would likely make me stick with it better if I am accountable to someone. Sign me up!

    1. Thank you for your blessing, Elle. Must remember to wear the black socks.

      Elle, I am really excited that you want a WW buddy! We don't go to meetings, we do strictly online. Since I'm head chef and in charge of grocery procurement, I plan meals based on point values for all of us. Please let me know when you're ready!

    2. Will do, could you email me at ellecsews (at) gmail dot com so we can take this off the blogs? I don't know if I am being an idiot but I can't seem to find your email address.


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