Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fabric Delivery

Have you shopped Sawyer Brook?  I recently placed my first online order with them.  It was late one night...I couldn't sleep...  So I picked up my iPad lying on the bedside table.  You know how it goes.  I'll just look, a little window shopping until my eyelids get heavy.   

I had seen another blogger's haul from SB, which prompted me to take a look.  I clicked on the 'what's new' tab, and immediately found these two lovelies.  These colors are off - the Ponte on the right is not as pumpkiny as it looks - it has a bit of red in it.  The fabric on the left is a deep blue, but not navy, linen.  I did not purchase these to use together, but rather because it was love at first sight.  Plans for these pieces are not set in stone, but I am thinking a dress with the Ponte.  The linen may also be destined for a dress, but I also love linen pants and shorts, both of which I need. 


And I also ordered their swatch service for further temptation.  Like I need it.  They sent a coupon also.  


So, my first shopping experience with Sawyer Brook was good.  The fabric came in a timely manner, and was well packaged.  Everything was in a plastic bag, taped closed, then put inside a sturdy mailing envelope.  I much prefer this manner of shipping, with the fabric protected in a bag.  Not all online places do this, as you probably know.  My only complaints are that there was no invoice in the order, nor were the fabrics labeled.  I like having the invoice at hand, as I keep them for reference.  I should still be able to print one up, so not a huge deal.  Overall, I am happy with my order and SB's service.  I will be back.  ;-)

Happy sewing,

Andrea                                             Edited to add links, but the links aren't working for me, so here are the names: Sapphire Linen and Ember Rayon Ponte. Just in case you need some, you can still find them on Sawyer Brook listed in their new arrivals. They both are really beautiful; the picture fails to do justice to their loveliness. I may have to play with these tonight....

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  1. I don't know if you are aware that I work at Sawyer Brook. What a pleasure to read your post! We strive to offer value and excellent customer service, so it's great to read your feedback.
    I'm surprised you didn't find an invoice in your package. It is inserted inside the outer bag, rather than inside the clear one with your fabrics. Perhaps it's still in the white bag? If not, we'd be glad to email you another.
    I'll enjoy seeing what you make with the fabrics you chose. The Sapphire linen is on my wish list, for pants or shorts - or both!


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