Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fabriclove: Dressing Up, Need Opinions Please

I may have mentioned that I have an event this weekend for which I need to get out of my favorite Zella workout (ie, lounging) pants. I posted the other day about a UFO skirt I resurrected with a little colorblock action - thank you all who chimed in, it was most helpful. It's done except for the hand stitching parts which are the hem and stitching down the waistband facing.

 I am once again in need of some input from my sewing friends. This afternoon after set up for the event was completed, I ran over to my favorite local couture fabric and dressmaking shop. Marisu is an incredible artist in so many ways - I wish you could all see her fabrics and art firsthand. I brought a scrap of the skirt fabric which I had also purchased from her some time ago, and asked for her help choosing a fabric appropriate for an evening top. Seriously, one fabric more beautiful than the next there. I fell in love with two, and bought both {of course.} I have draped them on my dressform - take a look:


The above is a beautiful burnout lace, the slightly raised pattern almost feels 'flocked'. I can make a simple princess seamed tank and wear it over a black silky cami, (it is over a cami here) or I can make something with a fun collar treatment (and will still need the cami).  Hmmm - the lace pictures could have been better.

 Marisu showed me this gorgeous number and it was love at first sight. This is her original design on Italian Silk Chiffon. How cool is that? Regardless if I use it for this weekend, I wanted it. It would make a beautiful scarf or shawl if I can't bear to cut into it and just hem the edges.

 See how fabulous it looks with the skirt fabric? 

 Above is the lace draped as a top with the silk tied as a scarf around the neck.

The silk draped as a top, above and below.

The black edge at the skirt bottom is actually lace hem tape that will be pressed under and hand-stitched during  hemming.

So here comes the part where I need some input.  I love both fabrics, clearly.  I am leaning toward making the lace top to wear Saturday night, because 1) I love wearing black, and 2) the lace was not expensive.  I only have tomorrow to do this - Saturday is a total wash.  I don't want to screw up my beautiful silk by rushing - that needs some slow sewing love.  Ok, so maybe I just really needed to process and talked myself into the black.  Then if I have time tomorrow, I can do a rolled edge hem around the edges and wear that gorgeous silk as a wrap.

The event begins with Mass, during which I have a reading.  I am not crazy about attending church services in sheer lace and bare arms, let alone being on the altar that way, so I will wear some sort of wrap, regardless.

Question:  If you look at the way I've draped the lace, with almost a cowl type collar in front, the collar going over the shoulders and ending in a V above the bra line - does it remind you of any pattern?  I have an image in my head but can't put my finger on which pattern it is.  I dug through my stash but came up empty.  If I can't come up with it tonight, I will go with a simple tank pattern I already have.

Another question:  Why, oh why, didn't I do this last week?

So, what do you think?  Am I being a big chicken?  Or being realistic?  (I say the latter, but the former is altogether possible.)

Good night friends, happy sewing!



  1. I agree, make the black lace top fast and take your time with that gorgeous chiffon. I have some/lots of time tonight and I will surf the pattern sites and see if I can find a top similar to what you describe. I will email you if I find something.

    1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I'm off to look at the patterns you emailed. You rock!

  2. Oh, definitely take your time & find the just the right pattern for that To. Die. For. Silk. Unless you decide to make it into a scarf w/ rolled hems (which I think would be fabulous!).

    1. Jillian, I believe that is the answer. I need to practice my rolled hem technique. I was just reading an article on the technique recently. Time to master it, I guess. It's been on my 'to do' list for a while now.

  3. Sorry I'm on the late show!!! I hope you found the pattern you were looking for! But I do agree with everyone here...make the lace one fast and save the silk! I must tell you, I'm really considering getting some of that beautiful silk chiffon you purchased! It's FABULOUS!! (I know it was expensive if you got it from Marisu!!) She does have great fabrics though!

    Please post your completed top, we do want to see it! Also, good luck on your Pendrell top!

  4. Myra, you have to get some before it's gone! It will look gorgeous on you, and you sew beautifully so I know you'll make something stunning with the silk.


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