Saturday, June 30, 2012

Format Issues

So, something happened to my blog.  It appears to be a format issue, but I didn't change anything.  I thought I would change it back to the way it was, but according to the layout edit page, it IS the way is was.  

Suggestions, anyone?  I'm going to have a cup of coffee, go to my studio, and maybe do some sewing.  Maybe tomorrow it will be all better?  A self-healing blog kinda thing?  

At any rate, I'll be happier I sewed, wouldn't you be?



  1. Sometimes it is an issue with blogger, so I would wait until tomorrow and check it again. Blogger does seem to self heal.

  2. It looks okay now, last night it was messed up. Time heals all wounds.

  3. Ok, so the format issues resolved while I slept, that's good. Another odd thing is happening, though. I can't see or reply to any comments unless I come in through the back door, so to speak. Maybe another good night's sleep?


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