Friday, June 8, 2012

Pattern Audition/Muslin: Sewaholic's Pendrell Top

Pendrell 1001 is a princess seam top with sleeveless and short sleeve variations. I made a quick muslin of the sleeveless version this morning, after a late start to the day. The pattern was conveniently lying on my cutting table - I had altered it one day last week as it was on my 'to do soon list'.

When tracing the pattern, I traced off a 12 at the shoulder and high bust, did a cheater FBA by grading out to a 16 for the boobage and below.  It is too big.  In the first picture, I had already taken up extra large seam allowances and pinned even more out at the bottom of the armscye.

Lots of extra fabric without waist definition.

Pulling up the excess.

Pulling up the excess from behind.

It's also a little large in the shoulder - it is pinned in these pics. Most of the excess is due to my pattern adjustments.  Better too large than too small.  I will adjust the pattern to narrow the shoulder a smidge, move the princess seam toward the arm 1/2 inch, take up the side seams, and reshape the lower armscye.  I will then fit as I sew, adding shape at the front and back princess seams.  

I am a little torn about underlining.  Marisu had the great suggestion of not lining it, so that I can wear the lace over other colors.  I think I will defer to her expertise, and if I don't like any of my black cami's under the top, I can make a duplicate in black Bemberg lining, and take a couple hand stitches at strategic spots to keep them playing well together.  That will give me flexibility to use the lace top over other colors.

By the way, I will do a full review later on this pattern, but the short story is that it is a well done pattern.

More later in black lace...


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  1. Looking good, the lace will look good in this pattern too. Looking forward to seeing it.


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