Monday, June 18, 2012


The plan was to sew this weekend.  Saturday morning I went furniture shopping with one of my girlfriends to this place that is normally only open to the trade, except when they want to reduce stock.  I bought a beautiful sofa table, of which I have no picture to show.  Then I went for my waxing appointment, and I had scheduled a facial also.  It was a good Saturday morning.  

I stopped at Sports Authority on the way home to buy hubs a present for Father's Day, and by the time I got home my face and eyes felt like they were on fire.  I ran to the kitchen sink and doused my face and neck with water, then took an allergy pill.  I had a freakin' allergic reaction to the last product used during my facial, a moisturizer.  Holy smokes, it was miserable.  It got worse - headache, congestion, nausea.  My entire day was shot.  So were my sewing plans.  

The next day being Father's Day, there was no time to sew.  However, I may have bought fabric using my iPhone while in bed, half zonked from allergy meds on Saturday.  I'll see what shows up.

I am pretty happy about my hibiscus plants, though.  I have been feeding them coffee grounds a few times a week, and they seem to like it.  

I may (or may not) have mentioned that my husband and daughter and I have all been working out together at the gym, with a personal trainer (the she-devil, as my husband tells it).  We've all dropped about 10 pounds.  While it takes away from my sewing time, it is a necessity.  I'm pretty happy with the changes I am seeing after just 10 pounds.  It will mean alterations, but that is ok.  I can no longer wear my Style Arc Sailor Sue Pants - they were a tad big in the waist to begin with.  I am close to fitting into one of my favorite skirts - so close that I took it to the cleaners so that it looks nice when it fits.  

I have a ton of life stuff and catching up to do this week, so sewing will be sparse.  We also need to put our home gym back together since our guests moved on.  After getting caught up, I'm excited to get a new MacBook Pro now that the new models have surfaced.  My old one died a few months back, and I have been patiently waiting for the model refresh.  I hope to get it later this week.  

Mac v. PC is such a divisive topic.  Which do you prefer?  I am forced to use both, but I definitely prefer Mac.

On the sewing horizon, now that I've given my shirt fitting project a break, I am ready to sew up another, hopefully final-ish, muslin - possibly wearable.  Then I want to make some exercise tops next.  I am considering Sewaholic's Pendrell top in a Supplex, if I can find some I like.  Or maybe a tank from Pamela's Patterns.  I am considering buying a men's XXL exercise top off of the sale rack at the sports store or even Target, and cutting my pattern from that top.  After that, I will see how the spirit moves me.  I really need to get to making my bedroom curtains. Or Roman Shades. I haven't decided which yet. 

I never plan too far ahead, mostly just sew what I am feeling on any given day.  I know lots of sewers/bloggers 'sew with a plan' but I get bored and love to be spontaneous with my sewing.  Which are you, a SWAP type or are you a more ADD sewer like myself?  

Well, the pillow calls - good night, or good day, whichever is appropriate, and happy sewing!



  1. Sorry to hear about your allergic reaction. What a horrible way to waste an afternoon!
    Your idea of making a top from a men's knit shirt is a good one. I want to make a tee for the gym, but I can't find any of that high-performance wicking fabric some tops are made from. I just might go look at some men's workout wear, and see what I can come up with.
    You asked about Mac vs PC. I learned on a PC, and prefer PCs. I think if I had learned on a Mac, I'd probably prefer it, because so many people love Macs.

    1. I'd love to know if you go that route with a men's top! I converted to Macs several years ago, after I got my first iPhone, although I often use one of the several PC's in the house as well.

  2. Owee on the facial reaction! What a letdown after something that's supposed to be such a treat :(

    I'm definitely an ADD sewist, but I was SO inspired when I entered the mini-wardrobe contest last year. I think that's the sort of SWAPing that works for me...a short time limit, with a specific goal in mind, and lots of supportive souls working with you.

    I spent the first 10 years of my computer life on PC's, which I was replacing every 18 months - 2 years. I'm now on my 2nd Mac in the past 10 years - a MUCH better investment, and WAY more fun to use.

    1. I agree, definitely more fun! Can't wait for my new MBP!
      It would have to be a mini-mini swap for me. ;-)

  3. As you know, there is no point in sewing for myself right now, and if I want to keep sewing I have to plan or I will wander woefully through the sewing dungeon wistfully reading books and fondling fabrics. When I am at or close to goal, I hope to sew with a plan so I can actually end up with a cohesive wardrobe.

    Brilliant idea about cutting down a mens workout t-shirt, will have to do some thinking about that. I very likely will borrow/steal that idea.

    How awful for you to have such a terrible reaction to the facial. Glad you are feeling better.

    1. Steal away, just let me know how it works out, ok?


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