Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mini Haul ~or~ Why I Shop Online, and My Sewing 'To Do' List

Scroll down to the next picture if you want to skip the fabric store rant.

Hancock's Fabric is very close to where I live, but honestly I avoid it like the plague most of the time.  Sometimes they have really good pattern sales, so I bite the bullet and pay a visit.  The staff has a reputation around the area - any regular visitor knows that there is a certain factor lacking - let's just call it 'customer service', ok?

I bought fabric.  Three pieces.  Incredibly exciting range of color choices, I know.  Try to contain yourselves.  I took my 3 bolts to the cutting counter, surprised to see a new face.  I said it was nice to see a new face.  She said she was the new manager.  (Brief flash of high hopes.)  Then she walked away to check out a customer at the register, and sent an apathetic, move-any-slower-he'd-be-going-in-reverse, young man to cut my fabric.  OMG.  Can we just have some self-serve stations like at the Home Depot?

Manager Lady and Apathetic Man start having an across store convo about said Manager Lady going outside for a smoke. To which I said, on my way to the register, "Please don't leave, I need to check out."  She left.  On her way past me she said that Apathetic Man would check me out.  And this, my friends, is why I shop online.  I gotta hand it to Hancock's though, at least they are consistent.  

glutton for punishment
Fig. someone who is eager for a burden or some sort of difficulty; someone willing to accept a difficult task.  Andrea went to Hancock's today. She is a glutton for punishment. I enjoy managing difficult projects, but I am a glutton for punishment.
See also: gluttonpunishment
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

   Palate cleanser.  😌

Looking at my wardrobe, it is clear I really need summer tops (that fit).  Especially considering summer will be with us until somewhere around late October.  I'm really into wearing as little as possible most days while still being reasonably decent, because I get hot so easily.  Today I wore a jersey skirt and a tee.  The tee was thinner fabric than I like, but it's the only top I own that goes with the skirt I wore.
One of the reasons I went to the fabric store was to pick up a yard of their cotton interlock.  It's a heftier cotton, opaque, and makes a nice tee or tank top, with no show-thru.  It's the white fabric in the top photo.  I need a white tee for a couple of skirts I made this weekend but haven't taken pictures of yet to blog.  The two black fabrics from the top down are a bathing suit lining and a "Foxy ITY Knit" per the end panel.  I needed the lining, but the ITY knit I bought because it looked and felt quite nice, and I was surprised to find it there.  I've looked there for ITY knits in the past to no avail.
I have had this mental sewing list floating around my brain.  Sometimes to avoid the sewing ADD I need to write it down.  Here goes.
1) Last year sometime, I bought swim fabric.  We have been swimming for exercise, and have a week at the beach next month.  Despite my DD's objections, I plan to make a tankini style top. 
2) I've seen a bunch of cute tops that have been inspiring me.  Lori over at Girls in the Garden is always making something cute for herself or her girls,lace like B5497.  I like the built-in air conditioning back detail. I also have been wanting to make M6078, particularly views B and C, the center top and bottom versions. With all the working out we've been doing, I'm comfortable baring arms.  I'm also considering sewing up the Sewaholic Pendrell top in a knit.  I previously made it in lace and it fits well.
3) Dresses.  I love to wear dresses - Florida style.  Meaning ok with flip flops or comfy sandals.  Plus, there is that Maxi train coming through town.  There have been 32 reviews  on Pattern Review as of this writing, but I'm betting there are more to come.  They are all so cute.  I'm not completely sold on it for me, but I'm stewing on it. It's a quick and easy sew, and if I am not thrilled with the look, I can gift it or wear it as a nightie.
I also am liking the look of M6308 although it wasn't as popular on PR as 6559.  Still, it looks easy-breezy, and more forgiving of my stubborn belly pooch.
Also in today's haul is Vogue 8648 , a nice summer sheath with several options.  I particularly liked the versions that Sarah at Goodbye Valentino made; this one she called her Orange Blossom Special.
4) Shorts and pants aren't really on the sewing menu right now.  I think I've mentioned our family-wide weight loss efforts - even Crystal girl is on plan.  Pants/shorts - I'm just too lazy to alter when I lose weight, truth be told, and I've got enough to make it through the next few months.  
5). I've intended to buy a new sewing machine since before Christmas, but haven't decided which brand yet.  I have an old, low end Janome - no bells and whistles, and I've never been thrilled with the stitch quality. I use my Featherweight if I want pretty stitches. I have and love a beautiful Babylock 8 thread serger with coverstitch, but suffer through this annoying Janome. I need to go play with new ones and see what I can't live without.
6) Exercise tops.  I was gifted an XXL men's Nike top from the gym we attend.  I plan to cut it up and make a top for me.  Hubby has one, the fabric dries so fast.  
7) The pretty fabric above - the palate cleanser? Cute, eh? That was a late night purchase in which I did not realize it was tourist/travel themed.  It's cute, but I have a lot, and need a pattern which will use it up.  I'm thinking PJ's, robe, or beach dress/coverup. I thought I had found the perfect pattern, then realized it had to be cut on the bias, which will not work with this fabric.  I suppose I could cut it on the straight grain and put in a zipper.

That's all for now, folks.  Keep cool and be well,


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  1. I love your palate cleanser fabric, it looks like fun.

    I too, am on the fence about that maxi dress, for me it is because I have a large belly, dressed properly it is okay, but in that dress, pregnancy would be suspected/assumed.

    That Hancocks! How do they stay in business? Tis a marvel isn't it? As useless as our Canadian version is, at least they have mostly competent staff.


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